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curlycurl horoscope for September 2022

Find a new habit to add to your routine depending on your zodiac sign for a fresh start. Happy new year to everyone! Yes, let’s say that September, with all the new starts and respectable aspirations, is somewhat like New Year’s Eve for many people. To better grasp the tone of the month, let’s examine the transits throughout this time. Venus enters Virgo on the … Continua a leggere curlycurl horoscope for September 2022

What will the astrological season of Virgo feel like?

We are currently in the Virgo Season. We’ve all gone through a fiery time filled with courage and passion, and now we’re all ready to welcome new energies. No matter what sign we are under, we will all feel the need to plan out our days minute by minute during the Virgo season. The worst nightmare becomes wasting time. Therefore, we will be encouraged to … Continua a leggere What will the astrological season of Virgo feel like?

Curlycurl’s August 2022 horoscope

ILLUSTRATIONS BY MABEL CASALINI IG:@MABELMCKEY Even though summer is drawing to an end , the upcoming Leo season is full of positive energy. The month’s transits foretell a season that is physically burning and speaks of passion from every angle: starting on August 4, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Virgo, and all thoughts miraculously acquire their own distinct meaning and a clearer course. Venus, … Continua a leggere Curlycurl’s August 2022 horoscope