The solar eclipse in Scorpio’s aftereffects

The majority of astrology enthusiasts are aware that there is a new moon every month, a significant occurrence that allows the seeds to be sown for new things to occur on those days. eclipses, too? That is a unique situation. The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio that we shall witness today is a very strong occurrence that will change many aspects of our lives starting that day. However, it won’t be the only significant occurrence in the astral picture; in fact, on November 8, the Taurus Lunar Eclipse will also take place. Let’s investigate how these two incidents are related.

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio portends a fresh start that must resolve some obstacles in order to materialize. If a circle is closed first, nothing new can start if everything are done in order, right? This eclipse will show up in a part of our life where we have made a lot of sacrifices, and it is in this part of our lives that there will be a hunger for change.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 8th, which, on the other hand, will speak of arriving prepared for a crucial and necessary transition, is strongly tied to the Eclipse in Scorpio, as was previously mentioned. Therefore, during this time, we must ask ourselves if there are any energy, routines, circumstances, or people that we are prepared to let go of so that we can begin afresh to create our future.

By paying attention to our most fundamental requirements, this eclipse invites us to get rid of what is no longer useful. In reality, removing the dead branches that are no longer producing blooms will be the only easy method to continue forward, it goes without saying. That is not all, though. In actuality, the Southern Lunar Node, which in astrology represents the karmic past, will be the site of this eclipse.

Therefore, it is a crucial time to address old, subconsciously suppressed unpleasant emotions including fear, rage, sadness, and trauma. Because of this, it won’t be all sunshine and roses, but this experience will provide the groundwork for an emotionally challenging yet stimulating time, preparing us to go forward and let new beginnings offer themselves in life.

Because Venus is now lingering in Scorpio, it will be vital to talk about relationships at this time. You must thus ask yourself several essential questions throughout this period of change: What in your relationship needs to change? What do you think? How do you present yourself to other people? Are you happy with the way you feel about love? The potential to take advantage of the strong energy here and use it to your advantage in order to assist yourself in providing solutions must be passed up. In fact, the secret to controlling everything, including your emotions, is to trust your instincts. The conjunction of Mars and Neptune also draws attention to another feature of this eclipse, which is the interplay between illusion and reality in our interpersonal interactions. In fact, it is possible for us to maintain a relationship with someone while believing them to be someone they are not in actuality. To understand how to proceed, a great deal of reflection, self-examination, and honest listening to one’s own thoughts and feelings will be required. There will be a lot of chaos, but as the storm passes, things will seem much clearer and simpler.

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