What is happening to Harry Styles?

His baldness has been the subject of theories, and Texas State University has taught a course about him.

All Harry Styles fans will be ecstatic to hear that there is an entire university course devoted to the British musician. Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity: Identity, the Internet, and European Pop Culture was written by associate professor of digital history at Texas State University Louie Dean Valencia, who also made the announcement through Twitter. The singer’s rise to fame, from her time with One Direction to her solo career, will be examined during the lessons, which are a part of the academic program for spring 2023. A special emphasis will be placed on her sound and style as well as her social impact in relation to issues like gender equality, feminism, anti-racism, sustainability, and “treating people with kindness.”The purpose of the course, which was established during the epidemic, is to look at Harry Styles’ experience as a celebrity as well as to learn about him and his work. In doing so, authors like Susan Sontag, Rumi, Alain de Botton, Murakami, and Bethan Roberts who had an influence on Styles’ works, live performances, interviews, or films will also be investigated.

TikTok and its significance in the rise of modern music stars will likely be covered in the course, but it’s unknown whether the answer to the question that many Chinese users have been asking recently on the platform: Harry bald? will be revealed during class time. With the hashtag #baldarry, a growing number of individuals publish content in which it is assumed that the celebrity regularly wears a wig because it is genuinely bald.


harry i beg you speak out about this. #harrystyles #hslot

♬ original sound – kyla

There are videos that try to illustrate the ridiculous conspiracy notion in between jubilant cuts, live excerpts, and vows of love. Along with Harry’s drooping hair, it appears that an earlier One Direction interview in which band members speculated about who among five would go bald first set off the whole thing. Ironically, Harry immediately extended his hand. And we’re certain you’re laughing uncontrollably as you see the buzz of TikTok on his hair, or rather their lack.

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