Is another Supreme and Louis Vuitton collaboration really necessary?

A pretty frequent rumor that the Holy Grail of cooperation might soon make a second chapter is recently energizing the fashion industry. According to rumors, Supreme and Louis Vuitton may collaborate once more for the upcoming fall/winter collection, continuing their 2017 partnership under Kim Jones, which was significant in the history of fashion and streetwear because of the $25,000 bi-logo bags, accessories, and clothing it produced. The sources are Supreme Leaks News and the primary PY RATES sneaker leaker, who have been bolstering the theory with fresh information on Instagram for months now without having official confirmations from the labels.

If the reports are accurate, many questions arise. The main question is, of course, how much of this is related to Virgil Abloh. The Chicago designer who passed away unexpectedly last November would have been the ideal designer to close the second chapter of what is actually the most significant hacking operation between luxury and street culture. This is because of his great influence on streetwear. The guy who essentially redefined the term “collaboration,” leading the path for all of the co-branding we see today, from luxury with Balenciaga x Gucci and Fendace to sportswear like in the most recent Jacquemus x Nike, would undoubtedly be appreciated by fans to hear his thoughts.

At the same time, it cannot be denied that streetwear is nearing the end of its lifespan, with the various drops generating less and less buzz and one of its founders recently passing away, seemingly endorsing the end of a decade in which fashion originated specifically from the streets, as evidenced by the failure of Virgil Abloh’s Air Force 1. Is it reasonable to wonder whether a sequel to the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration would actually make sense?

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