The Catsuit by Mugler is a symbol of feminism.

Following the Miu Miu set craze, Casey Cadwallader’s works have become the latest fashion obsession thanks to their alternation of jersey and mesh panels, a game of solids and voids, leather and voile, which show the body and its curves. Since 2017, when the American designer took over the Maison by reviving the brand’s image and tying it to contemporary taste, Dua Lipa was one of the first to fall in love with it and has shown off various variants. The studio 2054 digital show, which featured 120,000 teardrop crystals swinging with the pop star’s every motion, was the most expensive.Many celebrities, such as BeyoncĂ© on the cover of Vogue, Doja Cat in one of her Streets music videos, Megan Thee Stallion in the WAP video, Kali Uchis at the Grammys, Lourdes Leon, and Bella Hadid on the runway, followed the singer Future Nostalgia’s lead and dared with the very close item. During the Parisian week of Haute Couture, Miley Cyrus wore it with 90s makeup and very long, ultra-smooth hair, and she recently proposed it again by posting a photo of her back that highlighted the catsuit’s curvilinear silhouette and the word “backstage,” which alludes to a potential future collaboration between the queen of influence and the model.

Even though the catsuit is not exactly an easy piece of clothing to flaunt, Mugler’s version adds cut-out features to a fitted form. People that wear it do so as a sign of empowerment, independence, and self-assurance. When French singer Yseult showed up at the Victoires de la Musique Prize ceremony (the French equivalent of the Grammys) wrapped in a Mugler black catsuit, she said she felt powerful, sexy, after years of looking at her body with disgust and bitterness. For Billie Eilish, she was the boss in the famous and heavily criticized photo shoot that marked the growth of her artistic image from girl to woman.

The catsuit, which Casey Cadwallader describes as “a rough but at the same time revolutionary piece of apparel,” lays bare while covering and is clearly a tribute to Thierry Mugler’s efforts to change the feminine figure.

“The bodysuit is powerful, as is what it represents. People are becoming more and more aware of how important it is to be truly accepting of diversity and various gender presentations. [Bodysuits and catsuits] have the paradoxical quality of covering the entire body from head to toe while nevertheless revealing everything. In the end, the body is what gives the appearance.”

Comparing this element, in which the body shapes the appearance rather than the clothing, to the phenomena of Miu Miu’s micro-mini, which went out of style this reversing autumn, or to the total black of Demna Gvasalia’s catsuit, is interesting. Both pieces of clothing intersect with the wearer’s identity as an artist, becoming a part of the depiction of a brand’s position, participation in storytelling, and what it stands for while surrendering individual taste. In contrast, the Cadwallader catsuit enhances the wearer’s identity while still designating the person as one of the people who chose to wear the outfit.In the world of fashion, catsuits are still a popular item for FW 22 that, via variations on the subject and the use of fluorescent colors and materials like lace or crochet by different designers, may be able to transition to the street styles of the next Fashion Week FW23. Catsuits continue to be an invitation to dare, to shout to the world that there are diverse bodies and they all have the right to be appreciated and displayed, with no restrictions according to seasonality, gender, or size.

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