The remarkable tale of Glossier, a $1 billion skincare and cosmetics company

Although it’s unlikely that you’ve heard of Emily Weiss, you may already be familiar with the Instagram page of Glossier, the skincare and cosmetics company that she founded and serves as CEO. The ultimate and most visible expression of a reality Weiss created from scratch is this carefully selected, aesthetically pleasing, and inclusive page from every point of view – ethnicity, sex, size.

Emily Weiss, 34, a Connecticut native who has always had a fascination for fashion, graduated from New York University before beginning her career as an intern at Teen Vogue, W Magazine, and eventually Vogue, when she was appointed Elissa Santisi’s assistant. Weiss chooses to launch a blog devoted to the world of beauty and skin care, Into The Gloss, in 2010, a time when interest in beauty and makeup was clearly prevalent but not at the heights we know now.The young woman is aware that in traditional media, themes like beauty and makeup are still viewed as shallow and frivolous, despite the fact that in reality, women want to discuss their skin issues and seek out advice on how to fix them. Weiss believes that her blog has the potential to develop into a singular and ground-breaking platform that female audiences have been longing for. While continuing to work at Vogue, Emily blogs every day from 4 to 8 a.m. She is tenacious and completely committed to her objectives.The Gloss quickly experiences exponential growth while retaining and arousing the passion of its fans. The Top Shelf, one of the blog’s most well-liked columns, features interviews with actors, models, and other celebrities about their beauty routines and skin care practices. Karlie Kloss, for instance, recently opened up about her acne issues in a story. Weiss makes the decision to leave her position at Vogue after the blog achieves 10 million monthly visitors in order to focus solely on Into The Gloss.

Weiss is able to secure the $2 million in capital required to assemble a team of collaborators and, more crucially, to develop a line of products that are both high-quality and reasonably priced with the aid of Kirsten Green, the founder of Forerunner Ventures. In 2014, Glossier launched a line of products with costs ranging from $12 to $35.

The community that Weiss was able to establish with the blog, a community that continues to follow it and with which it has a direct relationship, is unquestionably a key component in the success of the brand. In this way, Emily is intimately familiar with the needs and requirements of her audience and can develop the best products for them using this information.

Skin first, cosmetics second is the company’s mantra, and it’s a modern way of thinking. The message Glossier is trying to get over is that healthy, moisturized skin is more essential than flaunting heavy, occasionally vulgar contouring, as is the case with Kardashian-Jenner as an example. This is the outcome of a body positivity-oriented trend that is particularly strong on Instagram. The visual, aesthetically pleasing, and communicative aspects of Glossier’s goods are perhaps its biggest strength. Everything that is marked by Glossier is vibrant, youthful, and modern. The packaging is eye-catching, millennial pink is used to tint each product, and the Futura Bold typography stands out at first glance.The Instagram page, which showcases thoughtful, well chosen photographs, has approximately 2 million followers at this time. Through social media, the company may continue the direct communication with its customers that began with the blog. Customers are asked about the usefulness of the products and their requirements and wants. The Glossier community is attentive and quick to reply, and Millennials don’t hold back when describing the company’s goods as “miraculous.”

Glossier now only has two physical locations, in New York and Los Angeles. Both are elegantly decorated facilities that precisely represent the style and aesthetics of the company and are therefore ideal for Instagram. The brand’s primary sales channel is its online store, which ships its goods to countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, France, and Germany.According to the most recent Wall Street Journal research, Glossier’s brand value is currently hovering around $1 billion. This figure is all the more impressive when we consider that the initial investment to found Into The Gloss was only $700. Last year, Glossier’s earnings reached $100 million, a second line was born, Glossier Play, and the company launched Glossier Play. The reputable American financial publication likewise makes the assumption that the company would be prepared to go public. There have been speculations in recent years that rival industry titans like EstĂ©e Lauder and L’OrĂ©al were in the process of buying the company created by Emily Weiss, despite its repeated commitment to remain wholly independent.

The astonishing results Emily Weiss has attained in just five years are evidence not only of her talent and insight, but also show how the direct connection to the public has developed into a crucial component for a brand’s success. Weiss has created a brand that is strong in its independence and capable of competing on par with industry giants by finding the appropriate formula to convert readers of her blog into customers for its products.

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