The Curlycurl year forecast star sign and January 2023

When one door shuts and another one opens, 2023 appears. Role-playing will rule this new year, following a definite period of introspection. Jupiter encourages optimism and self-assurance in all zodiac signs while also challenging them to examine their sense of self. While some signs will need external reassurance to feel secure, others will need to rediscover their uniqueness by learning how to handle conflicts (both internal and external), don’t worry—knowing how to ask for help is the first step to success. In this situation, it’s important to know how to value yourself appropriately and to guard against having your identity undercut by others. Those who know how to value themselves appropriately can anticipate favorable results in the economic realm. This year, are you prepared to welcome new experiences and make new memories? Find out together what will happen to each sign in 2023 and in the month of January 2023 by going sign by sign.

An overview of the sky in January 2023

As usual, January will start and close with the Aquarius season, which will emphasize the value of novelty. This includes both the long-awaited radical makeover and the possibility of making new friends. But this new year’s day also serves as a reminder of our progress as we look back on the path we have taken. Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn from now until January 18 allows for contemplation to help people better grasp their goals and tactics so they can attain them and experience the satisfaction that comes with success. When it comes time to make a decision, whether it be easy or difficult, the Full Moon on January 6 illuminates the path by emphasizing the importance of listening to all of your feelings. Mars will complete its retrograde journey in Gemini on January 12, providing your sociable side a social boost: lots of outings, time spent with loved ones nearby, and most importantly, lots of fun. The month of January will come to a successful conclusion on January 28 when Venus enters Pisces. This love transit will highlight your capacity for listening to others and showing compassion for them.

What will happen in 2023, Aries?

Hi Aries, The beginning of 2023 is more volatile than you might anticipate. On a personal level, any planet in Aries will be fine since you are more resilient than ever and luck will be your best friend. You’ll become the best version of yourself in April. Simply put, nobody will be able to surpass you. Prepare yourself for the new experiences that lie ahead and for how they will transform your everyday life. Be prepared to greet new challenge with the zeal and optimism that characterize you at your happiest personality.


Even though winter is attempting to knock you out, it isn’t having much of an effect. You want to run, but something is still stopping you. An Aries can overcome every obstacle. This month, Jupiter, the planet of happiness and optimism, will be by your side and assist you in maintaining your composure. Put your mood swings to rest with a few more outings because you’re even more self-assured when you don’t take yourself too seriously. If you’re having fun, life is good.

What’s the plan for 2023, Taurus?

The wave of transformation continues, revolutionizing 2023 as well. Typically, the sign of Taurus does not enjoy surprises, but perhaps this will change in May. The year 2023 promises fresh prospects for employment and romance, but damaging old habits fly off to a barren island where they will be unreachable.


You are sitting in the front row of a roller coaster inside an amusement park. Your earthly/material, emotional, and personal securities have been lost as a result of the eclipses that have marked the last year, despite the fact that you appear to be patient. Being liberated and light is the most potent way to begin a new chapter in your life.

What’s the plan for 2023, Gemini?

In 2023, a year that is strongly inclined to delight air signs, your adaptable spirit works with you to help you live each moment to the fullest. Mars will be in your sign through March, so we can anticipate an active Gemini. Of course, everyone will be talking about your escapades; even the walls will know about them (even the hot ones). Sincerity is a quality of your character that you should continue to cultivate in order to make it work in your favor at all times. As usual, you won’t mind expressing how you feel to the individual in question.


With you, Gemini, January feels more like Rio de Janeiro than an icicle. You’re going to rock this month, and nobody will be able to say no to you. We might not see you at all because after working nonstop for a few months, you decide to go out and enjoy yourself or go on a well-deserved vacation. On either occasion, you’ll meet new people with whom you can share your life by the numbers because it will be the first time they have heard that particular tale.

What will happen in 2023, Cancer?

Long-term planning is essential for your 2023. You’ll feel the need to concretize and go above and beyond this year. You’ll start to sever your ties to your family in order to live independently. Who knows if you’ll be able to discover a place you can ultimately call “home” with Mars in your sign in the spring; the gates of major news are about to open.


Hello, Cancer! You can use January to think about whether you should formally end any unresolved issues from the previous year or if everyone should be sent packing. The Full Moon will be in your sign throughout this month, which is usually a wonderful omen for you. You can consider investing in a weekly planner since it will assist you in organizing the emotional jumble of the first few weeks of the year so you can get back to work.

Leo What happens in 2023?

Hello Leo You are, in every meaning of the term, in your roaring twenties this year. Jupiter will establish a strong aspect to your mood in the first few months of the year, making you as effervescent as a cabaret dancer, but this won’t last throughout the entire year. You might find yourself in the spotlight due to your energy (and other people’s jealousy of you), but it won’t be in the way you’d like. Be prepared for high emotions and never lose sight of your value. Always consider how you can make yourself proud, not others around you.


Enjoy the comfort and riches that life has brought you; despite Venus’ opposition to your sun, it rarely manages to cast a shade on it. Everything seems to be a little argumentative in love, but maybe this is simply a period you need to get through to figure out what you really want. You are impulsive and passionate, but sometimes wisdom lies in knowing when to keep silent. In January, consider the implications of your words so that you can avoid numerous misunderstandings.

Virgo What happens in 2023?

Excellent Virgo You still can’t claim that the year has come. With the tune “Up & Down – Billy more,” try to revive your sense of humor from 2023. You’ll continue to put yourself out there throughout the year, but around mid-year, with Jupiter in a favorable position, you’ll start to reap the benefits of all your hard work. You’ll need to take a deep breath; try to reinterpret yourself and find a different side of yourself.


Your artistic abilities need to be thoroughly cleaned because they are gathering dust. The first month of the year is peaceful and ideal for beginning planning for that long-awaited makeover you’ve been wanting but never had time to do.

What will happen in 2023, Libra?

The arms of Libra start to droop this year on both sides. Your beauty will be as radiant as ever, but you’ll need to find out how to reinvent yourself this year. Forgo the traditional Barbie rose in favor of connecting with your innermost self and concentrating on your passions and desires. Even if you keep the rose safe in a glass case, it will eventually lose a few petals, so it’s best to leave it outside so you can smell it.


Although the holiday season forced you to spend more money than you would have preferred, dear Libra, you continue to do so for beauty. The proverb goes, “Unlucky in love, lucky in play,” and this month, since January allows you to live comfortably, you already know your way around love. Use this time to rediscover your tastes, to investigate, to visit some exhibitions, but alone. Allow your energies to flow flawlessly.

What’s the plan for 2023, Scorpio?

Like you, the sky in 2023 will be a passionate beat with frequent high-pitched stingers. The intensity of this year may occasionally drive you to feel the need to withdraw and sink into a deep state. Nothing will frighten you, but you will be tested and exposed to a Scorpio you may not have previously seen. Tests are enjoyable training for you, though.


What a hectic month January has been! You seem to be in a nervous breakdown since you have a ton of tasks that you need to complete for both work and pleasure. Although this month in love you lack a little in passion and affection, you make up for it all in the sexual world, which you are very familiar with. Your emotional armor is allowing in shafts of light.

Sagittarius, how will 2023 go for you?

You have a pretty mild year in 2023, Sagittarius. Although you tend to be a libertine by nature, this year you’ll be busy overhauling yourself, learning more about your spiritual life, and keeping your optimism in check as this new chapter approaches. If you exaggerate both the bad girl and the angel girl sides excessively, a conflict can result.


Mars is still annoying you while in opposition, won’t go away, and is ready to jab you when you least expect it. Put on some headphones, try not to be swept up in the excitement, and take time to appreciate your accomplishments. As always, everything will pass.

Capricorn, how will your year 2023 go?

Since you’ve already been too kind to others, you’re keeping romance to yourself this year. You need to put your attention on yourself, and how can you blame yourself for that? In 2023, everything will happen gradually but will culminate in a brilliant sun. Your career seems to be going well, Capricorn, so you can indulge yourself by cutting back on a few pleasures.


You want to be distracted, take, and go out without having planned anything, which is rather unusual of you since January never seems to finish. To give the new year the proper dash, you will have to wait until the end of the month. It’s a good idea to start making travel arrangements now while still in the interim.

How will 2023 unfold, Aquarius?

You’ll experience recuperation for a whole year. Although the past two years have not been easy, you have grown significantly and are now ready to introduce a new you to potential acquaintances. Be prepared to get many congratulations on the work you’ve done, but also acknowledge your value. Show off your abilities to everyone.


You still have a few obstacles to overcome, but after the last one, you’ll be grateful for everything you’ve learnt. You will be pleased with the adjustments and difficulties you have faced in more facets of your life. You will experience a new Moon in Aquarius at the end of the month, so get ready for some exhilarating new beginnings. Who knows, maybe it will also offer you some knowledge that will awaken your hot side.

What will happen in 2023, Pisces?

Coming off a successful year in 2022, Neptune makes a stop in your sign, creativity is at an all-time high, and you have the capacity to express your desires through new activities. Saturn’s entry into your sign will leave a bitter taste in the springtime; you prefer sweet things and aren’t quite ready for change, but the stars will be on your side during transits.


The beginning of January leaves you confused and makes you question whether you handled things properly. You always tread carefully, but your careful attention to detail pays off in the end: at the end of the month, love is prepared to provide you with all the assurance you desire. When using your comb, make sure there are no tangles in the way.


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