November 2022 horoscope from Curlycurl. Discover your monthly vibes and the appropriate aesthetic to express your emotions.

Welcome to November, a challenging and unique month with a plethora of astrological happenings. On November 8, a strong Lunar Eclipse in Taurus occurs, kicking off the month with intense and tumultuous feelings for all signs. But beginning in the middle of the month, the energies shift and become happier and sunnier. And that’s exactly what happens when Venus and Mercury enter Sagittarius. A new phase of invention and discovery begins on the 16th and 17th, respectively. Not only that, but on December 22nd, the Sun leaves the sign of Scorpio and enters the sign of Sagittarius, where it will remain through the middle of the month. The Sag Season, a colorful time full of changes for all signs, officially starts now. Finally, the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd encourages departures and fresh starts: significant changes are about to occur. What does the sky have in store for your sign this month, and what kind of style should you pull from the world of fashion in order to effectively express yourself in this transitional phrase? Let’s together explore this.

You have no way out, dear Aries, from the influence of eclipses. The days leading up to the 8th should be avoided because you might feel anxious and upset (as if you weren’t already stressed enough). You are being urged to treat yourself more kindly by the monthly stars. Limit your internet time and spend more time with the people you love in real life. At such situations, it can be really beneficial to surround yourself with people who genuinely care about you. On the other hand, the second part of the month concentrates on your love life, giving your connections a fresh perspective and facilitating easier advancement.

Magical day: On November 5, you’ll experience an upsurge in good vibes.

In your life, are you prepared for some drama? Your sign’s proximity to the lunar eclipse will result in conflicting feelings and peculiar circumstances. Nevertheless, now is a fantastic time to welcome change. It’s important to let go of things from the past emotionally as much as physically. Throw yourself into the arms of Venus, the planet that rules your sign, and set aside time for only yourself and your needs in order to help you get through this difficult moment. Venus is on your side, so you can handle any challenges that daily life throws your way.

You’ll notice that your tension level will lessen when the bold Sagittarius season starts at the end of the month, making space for lightning strikes and sparks in the love sphere.

On November 8, you’ll have a magical realization that emotions are the most priceless possession there is.

Dear Gemini, this is a big month for transformations and changes, including in your romantic life. You will become much more aware of what is happening in your life and, consequently, what decisions to make, thanks to the Lunar Eclipse at the beginning of the month. Recently, you’ve changed your course frequently, but this time it seems like things are gradually moving in your favor. From the 22nd onward, pay close attention as the Sun enters the house of your relationships, bringing with it a new season of the heart. Be careful: You must prioritize this sense of love not just for others but most of all for yourself. In fact, this is a fantastic moment to work on improving your self-esteem and practicing more self-love because you deserve it.

November 16, a magical day in a relationship that will become serious.

You are the zodiac’s leading crusader, as you are well aware. You have a reputation for being an excellent problem-solver in your family and social network. You can be sure that if something goes wrong, people will always call you since you are incredibly intelligent, kind, and helpful. On the one hand, your attitude is commendable, yet this is the perfect time to reflect on your own needs. When was the last time you received assistance?

Keep in mind that if one side is excessively heavy, the scales are no longer balanced. Because of this, the Lunar Eclipse on August 8 before and the start of the Sagittarius season following will let you see how some of your relationships are and help you realize what needs to be altered in order for them to be happier and more peaceful.

Magic day: November 13, take some time for yourself

Leo, the temperature is rising dramatically. This is due to the fact that Venus’ advantageous position ushers in a fresh era of passion and sensuality in your life. To fully enjoy this feeling of well-being throughout this month, it will be crucial to let go in these two areas. Whether it’s a new look, a revised skincare regimen, or a new favorite meal, this month is also a perfect time to experiment with new things in your life. To prevent boredom, you need regular stimulus and novelty. What response will you give if love winks at you?

Magic day: November 17, the perfect opportunity to make a statement.

You must slow down, Virgo, and you are aware of this. The same is true of transits; if you don’t comprehend something on your own, the sky will somehow force you to understand it, and you’ll soon find yourself forced into bed and trying to sleep. You frequently have a packed schedule that seems immovable because of your FOMO (fear of missing out). But when was the last time you took a day off and did nothing but nothing? It’s not always a waste of time; in fact, you’ll be able to locate the imaginative, life-affirming drive you so desperately seek in people or circumstances precisely by recharging your batteries. And you can be confident that you have it in you.

Magical time: 18 of November will be the day of wellness.

What a crucial month for exploring your emotions, Libra. Your emotions will be powerful at this time, and two facets of the same coin will become more pronounced. Your introspection will be the main topic of the month’s first half. To determine what went wrong in each of your previous relationships and what you would have done differently, you will likely reflect on them all. In other words, a period of profound emotional change.

In other words, a period of profound emotional change. However, the phase of investigation and openness to others starts on the 16th when Venus enters Sagittarius. Whatever may come your way, you are prepared to take on new challenges and live more simply. After a challenging period, you finally experience the joy and zeal you so desperately craved.

The 23rd , you start to sense a fresh beginning.

Birthday wishes to the Scorpio girl! We are in the middle of your season, and there are a lot of planets ready to help you and make this the most special time of the year for you. It’s time to fulfill all of your aspirations, from the smallest to the greatest and most powerful, since luck is on your side. The lunar eclipse on August 8th will be intriguing because it will reveal some circumstances involving your emotions.

The lunar eclipse on August 8th will be intriguing because it will reveal some circumstances involving your emotions. If something isn’t right, now is the moment to examine the connection in question and reach a state of equilibrium. There won’t be a shortage of emotions during the month, and just when things might start to feel heavier and more difficult, the Season of Sagittarius will start to take over on the 22nd, bringing a fresh surge of optimism and vigor.

Nov. 23, epiphanies and fatalities: a great day.

Dear Sagittarius, your season begins at the end of the month; are you prepared? Utilize the first few days of the month to unwind and relax after the stress that certain occasions might have brought on. The Lunar Eclipse on November 8 is the most important factor to consider because it will likely bring chaotic energies that will demand a lot of your effort. To balance the energy and organize your life, some work must be done. Get ready for the energies start to shift on the 22nd and the luckiest time of the year starts! Joy, love, emotions, zeal, beginnings, transformations, and synchronized stars. The final few days of November will be very memorable, setting you up for a happy and prosperous December.

Magical day: November 22, the start of the holiday


It’s a wonderful moment to express your wildest and most imaginative ideas, Capricorn. Your “lighter” and brighter side is frequently overshadowed because people perceive you as being too concrete and logical. The stars are urging you to create a change this month by bringing out your artistic and outgoing side and sharing it with others. Unexpected events could occur as a result of letting go of this half of yourself, and certain circumstances that appeared to be stalled might resume an interesting path. The message from the stars is that you do not have to restrict one aspect of your personality; rather, everything may coexist because we are complex beings that, when combined, form a singular mosaic.

Magic day: November 26, when effort pays off

You get it, Aquarius, this month wants you to be more serene than ever. A few arguments, especially pointless ones, and misunderstandings in your personal relationships are brought on by transits. Don’t take anything for granted and make an effort to speak as plainly and directly as you can. Although there can be some issues in this area due to Mars Retrograde.

The end of the month will bring about fresh beginnings, therefore it will be important to remain calm and protect oneself from negative energies. In other words, let go of the bad feelings and cling to the good ones that let you go through each day with energy and a grin on your face.

Magic day: Nov. 29, when intriguing new concepts will emerge

Changes abound this month, Pisces. Your life will undergo many changes during this time, including changes at work that you weren’t expecting. Normally, you would have had a slight downturn, but this time will be different. You feel more knowledgeable and inspired to approach new situations with purpose.

You’ve realized that there is a world of color waiting to be found outside of your own comfort zone, so the new no longer terrifies you; rather, it electrifies you. Use your intuition to help you make the best decisions for you at this point in your life during this period when it will be at its strongest. One piece of advice: Try to stay in the moment and avoid looking too far ahead. Onward and upward.

On November 3, a dream just might emerge from the drawer.

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