curlycurl horoscope for September 2022

Find a new habit to add to your routine depending on your zodiac sign for a fresh start.

Happy new year to everyone! Yes, let’s say that September, with all the new starts and respectable aspirations, is somewhat like New Year’s Eve for many people. To better grasp the tone of the month, let’s examine the transits throughout this time. Venus enters Virgo on the fifth, ushering in a phase when emotions are more tangible and logical. The moment is now if you want to take your romantic relationships seriously. A brilliant Full Moon in Pisces will shine in our skies on the 10th and give voice to our most fervent wishes. Not only that, but we have also forewarned you that the dreaded Mercury Retrograde will start on this date. A new, lovely astrological season, that of Libra, begins on September 23. On September 25, the New Moon, which is always in Libra, will help us plan our fall to the fullest. Venus welcomes the Virgin on the 29th as she enters the sign of Libra, kicking off the season of passionate and sentimental love. Finally, the conversations become increasingly intense and tense over the entire month of Mars in Gemini (it will actually be there for much over six months).

What does the month’s sky have in store for your sign, and what is the brand-new behavior that the stars say you must immediately adopt?

The month of September won’t be a walk for you, dear Aries. You dislike all of these planets in opposition, and Mercury Retrograde is piled on top of that. There can be miscommunications (hold your mouth), problems, and unforeseen scheduling adjustments. Particularly on the 25th when the New Moon is in opposition, you may experience extreme irritability and feel as though everyone is out to get you. Don’t give up; instead, act patiently and quietly in response to these messages from the universe. You can accomplish it.

Magic moment : September 12, self-care day!

Your new habit: stretch your body before you start you busy days.

Toro my darling , The beginning of your beginnings is unquestionably in September. Who is in a better position than you with a to-do list, new objectives, new goals, and a thorough plan to follow from now until the end of the year? Venus has been in your favor since the beginning of the month, which makes love smile at you as well. Your heart warms and accepts all emotions with open arms.

As for the job or school, this is a time of intense revision. Uranus retrograde will also affect your grade. Are you certain that your present circumstances are satisfactory? Or are there any adjustments you could make, no matter how tiny, to enhance certain dynamics? Consider this.

Magic Moment : Keep your eyes wide open on September 14 because love is in sight.

Your new habit: nourish your body from the inside out with a plant-based diet.

My dear Gemini Mars has been in your sign for a while, which makes you outgoing and eager to talk. This may give you the impression of being polemic and litigious in the eyes of others, especially the most sensitive. In addition, Mercury Retrograde does not help because even mild criticism can be taken personally. Don’t take it personally if people don’t grasp what you’re trying to say; communication may improve if you talk more reassuringly and professionally.

Magic moment: On September 17, it will be relatively simple to let go of things you no longer want.

Your new habit: Feed your mind through reading; it’s never been more fashionable

What a month of changes, dear Cancer! You take a deep intake of new, lighter air that prepares you for a new stage of life. The focus of the month will be on your interactions with people and your romantic and non-romantic relationships. In order to avoid circumstances that would irritate you, you are frequently too reticent to express your opinions out of concern for conflict. Spoiler: You will undoubtedly dispute with someone while Mars is in Gemini, but that’s good! Learn to show this aspect of yourself as well; I can tell you that people will accept you for who you are.

Magic Moment: 19 September is a wonderful day to let your heart open.

Your new habit: With some mental and intellectual freedom through exercise, you’ll feel your best.

My darling Leone, when was the last stressful month? Thanks to all the wonderful experiences you had this month, August will live on in your heart forever. Contrarily, September will be more of a time for reflection and analysis, especially during the first half of the month. The stars challenge you to reconsider how you handle your money (shopholic ? Making you feel a little pressure in this area (Who, you?!). With the beginning of the Libra Season on the 23rd, things become considerably more enjoyable and lighthearted. Your creative realm is illuminated by the Sun; put all of your creative energy into a cause that is near and dear to your heart.

Magic moment: September 22 is a day of relax and leisure.

Your new habit: cooking delights that are enjoyable and extremely fulfilling.

Happy birthday, Dear Virgin! Your absolute favorite month of the year is September since there are so many things that inspire you to start at your best and avoid thinking back fondly on the summer and holidays. You experience the world through the eyes of love during the majority of Venus’ transit through the sign. Your calm and peaceful demeanor will draw in all the positive energy in the cosmos, and you’ll probably run into scenarios that would make Woody Allen laugh. Great, not even Mercury Retrograde will be able to ruin your days!

Magic moment: 5 September Venus in the sign enhances your life’s romance and attractiveness.

Your new habit: Simply said, you only let individuals into your life who make you feel good.

September will be a particularly remarkable month for Libra, especially beginning on September 23 when the Sun enters your sign and ushers in the Libra Season. It will be important to reflect on who you are throughout the first half of the month and to consider how you handle various situations, particularly in terms of your communication and decision-making. But you’ll start to feel the initial effects of your inward transformation during your astrological season. When you decide to alter your attitude about events, you will start to realize just how much your possibilities can change. Simply think less and act more hastily in the end to always show the true you.

Magic moment : September 25: Get in the habit of instantly accepting news.

Your new habit : Put your smartphone aside when you don’t need to and focus more on offline activities; less online life and more offline experiences.

Scorpio, the September sky is quite fascinating. It’s not a month that calls for specific activity on your behalf, but rather a search within for fresh insight. Since you didn’t take a break over the previous period, I’d say it’s time to remove your batteries and give your body and mind some rest. Additionally, Mercury’s retrograde journey may cause you to feel particularly bothered by every minor irritant it leaves in its wake.

Recalibrating energies requires letting go of the hold and letting go of constant attention on the object.

Magic moment:September 29, Sometimes you only need a little to be happy.

Your new Habit : Be thankful for others and life in general. Remember that everything has a cycle.

Sagittarius, the September sky sets you up for a lot of fresh starts. Although there will undoubtedly be a lot of work to be done and days to fill, by the end of the month you will feel more satisfied than when you first arrived. The energy can become intense at times because of Mercury retrograde, Mars in opposition, Venus in a bad position, and the unfavorable placement of the Sun. To be reborn like a butterfly on the 25th with such a wonderful New Moon, it is up to you to release all of your grasp in order to handle even the most stressful situations with optimism (especially job and love cough cough).

Magic moment :September 3: Compliment yourself for all the progress you have achieved.

Your new Habit: Set aside a short window of time each day to focus solely on your needs.

Dear Capricorn, The month of September is going to be one of erratic emotions. From the first of the month on, if everything seems to be going well and you’re in a good mood, things can start to change starting on the 23rd. Mercury Retrograde (also in opposition for the majority of the month, ahia) will help you realize how important it will be to think strategically rather than constantly making plans for the future. To be able to respond to the disasters that will occur one at a time, learn to live by the day. It’s clever to organize oneself day by day so that nothing and no one has a chance to thwart your plans in the long term.

Magic moment: Take a break from everything and everyone on September 6.

Your new Habit: Don’t always think about the future; instead, try to appreciate where you are right now.

Forget the weight of August, dear Aquarius, because September ushers in a fresh wave of unadulterated lightness. The favorable transits will make this time more mellow and laid-back. You will now be free to give your full attention to your interests and feelings. The second half of the month is really intriguing since it will bring about a lot of little adjustments in your life that will help you grow closer and closer to your objectives. Venus is in a stunning position from 29 and inspires strong feelings of love and indulgence.

Magic moment : September 8 will always be remembered

Your new Habit : Think about it and then do it again! The difference can be felt after just five minutes.

Pisces, my dear. You definitely don’t want to know about the love that’s in the air. Perhaps there isn’t the same romantic, dreamlike pull you usually have. It will be the fault of Mercury Retrograde, which causes jumbled and hazy communications, or of the Full Moon occurring in your sign, which brings to the surface some difficulties that you would want to ignore.

Let’s say that the time is not quite ideal to start a new romantic journey. First, you need to be calm and carefree. During this month, focus on developing greater self-love; the rest will be on our minds in October.

Magic Moment: A day of intense emotions, September 10: everything is possible.

Your new Habit: Set your phone aside and take care of yourself before going to bed.

Illustrations made by Mabel Casalini IG: @mabelmckey

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