Kate Moss introduces her ethereal cosmetics line, Cosmoss

Alchemic teas, skincare, and new age

For Kate Moss, the days of wild nights and rock ‘n roll parties are long gone. She now gets eight hours of sleep each night, practices extensive yoga every morning, sips water with lemon, and frequently visits TheLifeCo Bodrum, a wellness and detox resort.For the former “the tank,” a title acquired on enjoyable vodka-themed nights, it’s a significant change in her way of life. Thanks to Cosmoss, her wellness company that combines new age philosophy and offers rituals that “open the door to balance, rebirth, and love” and skincare based on “rejuvenation, balance, healing, sensuality, and awareness,” the supermodel is on a journey of acceptance that has allowed her to be completely herself and that she now feels ready to share with the world.

The initial offerings from Cosmoss, which are on sale on September 1, are vegan and made entirely of natural ingredients to address the complexity of modern life. The mist to meditate can be used whenever we feel the need for a quick reset and, thanks to the essential oils with the aromatic notes of orange blossom, bergamot, jasmine, and geranium that helps to purify the aura from negative energies. The in & out serum is a holistic oil rich in collagen combined with high quality CBD, Chios mastic, and chia seed extract that can be ingested or spread on clean skin in the evening before bed.The moisturizing cream made from cannabidiolmatorio, Icelandic lichens, mosses, and ferns, as well as bakuchiol, seems to be the best option for reducing redness, irritation, and dryness. Then there are the herbal teas combination including the ThĂ© de l’Aube, which has chamomile, fennel, hops, lemongrass, elderberry, lemon balm, passion flower, and cinnamon, and the ThĂ© du CrĂ©puscule, which has nettle, rosemary, bay leaf, rosehip, ginger, nettle, lemongrass, Pu-erh tea, thyme, and cinnamon.

The brand’s entire communication strategy adopts a wicca aesthetic that features ominous photos, crystals, plants, and clips with the iconic top model from the 90s wearing the robes of an ancient beauty priestesses or swimming naked in a lake surrounded by untamed nature.

The mysterious and natural approach that brings the world of beauty to a new point, far from the clean aesthetics of Goop, the beauty powerhouse founded by Gwyneth Paltrow, to which many believe Cosmoss is a sort of British answer, is supported by fascinating and magical imagery, supported by cryptic captions announcing the arrival of products “meticulously made with wellness in mind, using effective and natural substances” designed to maintain the balance between body and soul. The comparison is unavoidable, but given that the American actress has always represented a world of privilege, detox drinks, yoga, spas, and clean beauty, which naturally evolved into a real entrepreneurial endeavor after her career in film, many people scoffed at the news that Kate Moss, a constant symbol of excess, was about to follow a similar path.

The secret to Cosmoss’ essentially assured success is Kate’s beautifully flawed attitude, which leaves her continually split between two parties: the bad girl and the good girl in her younger years. After all, the supermodel is the heroin-chic girl who, as demonstrated by the fact that she is represented by the Kate Moss Agency, has established herself as an icon with the capacity to appeal to the “clean girl aesthetics” and her exaggerated standards in a way that is somewhat commercially appealing.

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