December 2022 Horoscope from Curlycurl

December 2022 Horoscope from Curlycurl

Discover how to conclude the year to the best of your ability based on your zodiac sign. The end is just the other side of a new beginning.

We’ve quickly come to the end of 2022, and just like every year, it’s time to reflect and create fresh New Year’s resolutions. What will the sky look like this month? With the Sun in Sagittarius, all signs are infused with confidence and optimism. Mercury enters Capricorn on December 6 and moves quickly through the sign until it joins Venus on December 10, reminding us that the final days of the year should always be spent properly. The Full Moon in Gemini will illuminate the sky from the evening of the 7th to the 8th, bringing to light the importance of sharing our feelings to others. Jupiter, the planet of luck, enters Aries on the 20th, warming hearts and igniting new endeavors as we approach the New Year. On the 21st, the energy shifts as the Capricorn season starts, bringing more substance and pragmatism. Finally, the New Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd will impart a valuable lesson: everything is possible if it is done with the brain, although this will not appeal to all signs. What does your sign’s monthly astrological forecast look like? Now let’s find out together!


Dear Aries, it’s time to make resolutions. What goals do you have for the upcoming year? I see it like way: brilliant, dear to the heart, and with the conviction that anything is possible. You’re exhausted and prepared for December, which is very understandable given the course you’ve already gone. But beginning on the 20th, a fresh vitality will shine through your days as Jupiter, the planet of luck, enters your sign and stays there for several months. It’s time to think big, Aries, since you deserve it. So let’s go on to happiness, peace, and security in many areas.


Let’s face it, dear Taurus, the past few months have been difficult. You have had to unavoidably realign some parts of your life as a result of the Scorpio season, which also happens to be the eclipse season. But it appears that things have improved, therefore it’s time to put everything back together and forge a new course. The Capricorn season ushers in fresh starts and new objectives, capping up the year on a positive manner. Decide the path you wish to travel during the interim between now and the new year. And I already know that you’re going to fly out into the distance.


Gemini, this is a time of wonderful beginnings. Mars in your sign motivates you to act while realizing all the thoughts that have been lingering in your mind up until this point. December encourages increased initiative in interpersonal interactions and at work. Therefore, whatever your circumstances, you can be sure that they will improve somehow because that is what the stars predict. When Capricorn season starts on the 21st, things immediately become more intriguing and lively, even though the first half of the month may seem to move more slowly due to the sun’s opposition. All you need to do is trust in yourself; the stars are on your side!


You’ve been a little bit ignoring your wants lately, Cancer, haven’t you? The goal for this month is to essentially start over, rebuilding a road from your foundation to who you are right now. It’s critical to pay attention to how you’re feeling and what signals your body is sending to you. Due to our bodies’ reactions, for which we cannot always provide a valid explanation, we frequently realize that we are in the wrong area (or with the wrong person). The month of December will teach you to set limits in this situation so that you can live in line with your requirements and yourself. It will be a difficult but crucial period.


Dear Leo, the change-related route you’ve been on is really progressing. When you reflect on the past year, you will see that many things have changed, most notably yourself and your surroundings. You’re discovering a new side of yourself that helps you feel better about yourself. It was the proper move for you to remove the deadwood. In order to allow others (and yourself) learn more about who you are and what you are capable of, now is the time to really put yourself out there. This is not the time to control your impulses; instead, take chances and make decisions based on your heart.


Dear Virgo, we are getting ready for a fantastic new year. We’ll think about that later. Without giving too much away, I can say that huge news will be coming in 2023. The December stars want to see if you dare, so let’s get back to that. Break the mold, act more quickly and impulsively, take the world by storm with your ideas, and don’t look back. There are times when you feel limited in what you can do due of the opinions of others. But I want to comfort you that frequently these issues are all in our thoughts. Everyone is too preoccupied with thinking about themselves to take the time to consider others. Allowing yourself to live without always pressing the brake requires letting yourself go and moving on. Onward and upward!


The last month of the year, dear Libra, is all about taking pleasure in your surroundings. We frequently think that our happiness comes from things outside of ourselves, like the opportunities that our fomo (fear of missing out, or dread of missing something, ed.) compels us to take advantage of because we never know what we could miss if we don’t. You will see that you don’t have to go far to feel quiet and at ease here in the month of December. You need your surroundings, your affections, and most importantly, yourself. And this is the precise place where you must restart after losing ground for a while. Your life’s high points and little daily activities are what truly define you. The solutions are frequently all around you, if not right inside of you, without having to travel a great distance.


How beneficial is evolution? You are well aware of that, Scorpio. The months of October and November saw a great deal of change, and I can guarantee you this is a time you won’t soon forget. It was a period when you self-reflected, let go of circumstances that were no longer appropriate for you, and finally burned the old you. And you did it all while grinning. You certainly experienced sorrow, but you overcame it by acting and making a stand. You will never be the same person again, so it’s time to create a new identity based on your values. Thus, a new era of expression, primarily sentimental, in many fields begins.


Cheers to you, Sagittarius! Your season has started, and this year’s vibes are more thoughtful and profound. On your birthday, you should not only enjoy yourself but also be willing to confront your fears and unknown sides. The stars this month will help you learn more about who you are and how to connect with a more vulnerable side of yourself. In this stage, other people will be crucial in helping you realize that you are never alone, even in the most trying circumstances. Due to the Full Moon in Gemini on December 7 and 8, you can experience internal strife. It’s time to let go of confusion, anxiety, and uncertainty and start fresh with you.


Making the calculations at the end of the year comes naturally to a sign like you, which is analytical and practical. How was the year? Your feet were in two shoes at various points, and you occasionally felt off-target. You made a vow to yourself in those moments that you would never experience those emotions again, and it started you on a path of transformation that helped you develop a better relationship with yourself. In conclusion, although though 2022 may not have been a breakthrough year for you, it did help you to learn a lot of things that you probably never would have without the unpleasant emotions. Find out what is stopping you from accomplishing your goals, what you are afraid of, and what is holding you back right now. You can do anything if you get rid of these negative emotions . .


How significant is the here and now? So, Aquarius, sweetie. You won’t have a very busy month in December, but rather a period of seeming peace that will lead you into significant changes as early as the first weeks of 2023. So how can you maximize it? Yes, through resolving every issue from your past that keeps resurfacing in your life. Whatever “making peace” means to you, there is a need to accept the events that have occurred. It is more important than ever to make the necessary changes, whether it involves breaking up relationships and never thinking about them again or making the difficult phone call. You won’t be able to put a period after that and won’t have the energy you require to tackle such a rich and unexpected new year until then.


There will be plenty of chances to shine in the highly promising time that lies ahead, Pisces. Doors to fresh opportunities are wide open, especially as the new year approaches. Clear out certain ambiguities regarding what to do during the first half of the month. You have a lot of ideas, but not all of them fully persuade you. In the new year, you are still figuring out what you want to do and how to move forward. Take your time and be content with what you already have rather than rushing to get additional things. You can only determine your future moves once you have a thorough awareness of where you stand.


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