The reactions of the press about the Netflix series “Harry and Meghan” 

One of the most eagerly awaited television extravaganzas of the year is the Netflix series “Harry and Meghan,” which is more of a media event than a documentary. In the early months of 2020, as they finalized their plans to leave Buckingham Palace, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, shot more than 15 hours of personal video with the encouragement of friends to document their dramatic decision to “step back” as senior members of the British royal family. In the first three episodes, which were released on Thursday, the couple air complaints about Britain’s news media, reveal details of Meghan’s rocky relationship with her relatives, and claim that some royals view harassment as a “rite of passage.” Three new episodes will be released next week.

The responses of journalists all across the world were not very positive, as was to be expected. Additionally, due of the long-standing climate of secrecy around this product, no one has ever been given access to screeners, or the chance to watch the episodes in advance to write the review without the noise that comes with the collective vision. According to the reports, there is just one guiding principle across the board: self-celebration is ineffective. The Independent took a more measured approach, referring to the documentary as a “intimate, self-celebrating and funny account.” The Guardian, on the other hand, ran with the headline, “Harry & Meghan: So disturbing that I almost spat breakfast.” Deadline wrote, “A trivial novel without a tasty real backstory.”

Harry & Meghan is currently nothing more than a fan service product created for the couple’s followers to use and consume. To be clear, it’s more like to the Friends, Gilmore Girls, or Boris reunion. The Sussex documentary doesn’t offer anything to what we previously knew about them, exactly like those special episodes. Keep things as they are while energizing the supporters, engaging the curious, and enraging the critics. These kind of viewers will appreciate the second chapter, which begins streaming on December 15.


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