Japanese anime’s leading ladies include Sailor Moon.

Far more than just a Japanese animation, Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon (roughly, “The Beautiful Warrior Sailor Moon”) is a global phenomenon. When Naoko Takeuchi, then 24 years old, began drawing the manga (famous Japanese black-and-white comics to be read from the right to the left), it was quickly transformed into an anime (the Japanese abbreviation for “animation,” referring to all the Japanese animated movies and series that became popular thanks to internationally renowned sagas like Dragonball or PokĂ©mon). The anime’s success was unparalleled; Sailor Moon is now the star of a popular culture phenomenon that earned more than $15 billion in its first three years of broadcasting. Sailor Moon Eternal, which debuted in June 2021 and marked the 25th anniversary of the release of the most recent anime feature film in the saga, was a continuation of the animated series Sailor Moon Crystal and an adaptation of the Dead Moon Circus fourth chapter from the original manga. Despite its popularity, the anime quickly sparked a lot of controversy, largely because of the freedom with which it explored topics like sexuality and genre identity at a period when the general public was still unaccustomed to them. Sailor Moon was one of the very first feminist icons to be depicted in media, as Eleonora Caruso rightly noted on Prismo: her adventures predated the spirit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Xeena the Warrior Princess, and the portrayal of such a strong female friendship came years before the first airing of cult television show Sex & The City. She actually pioneered a vocabulary that was previously exclusive to shnen manga (targeted to a youthful, male audience) as the first heroine of a shjo manga (manga dedicated to a female audience) to meticulously recount the struggle against bad forces.


Sailor moon is back with a new final chapter. Sailor Moon returns to the screen with a new chapter: it is “Cosmos”, a project signed by Toei Animation that will come out divided into two parts. It will arrive in 2023 and in these hours both the trailer and the official poster have come out, which we show you at the end of this article (you can also find the trailer in the video at the top, at the head of this article). The Sailor Moon anime this time will take the form of a movie, whose full title is “Sailor Moon Cosmos.” It will come out in two parts, arriving first on Japanese screens and then in the rest of the world. The “Pretty Guardian” of the most beloved nineties manga is back in great fanfare, to the delight of the many fans. This new adaptation aims to recount some of the pages of the manga, focusing on Usagi’s latest mission. We will see the protagonist struggling with battles that are really difficult to sustain, however she will not be alone: the mysterious Sailor Cosmos will arrive as a deus ex machina. #anime #manga #usagitsukino #s #cosplay #sailormooncrystal #sailormars #sailorvenus #curlycurlfashionsociety #kawaii #sailorjupiter #sailormercury #curlycurlfactory #sailorneptune #usagi #sailoruranus #sailorsaturn #sailorpluto #sailor #sailormoonfans #sailormoonredraw #curlycurlmedia #sailormoonfanart #sailorscouts #naruto #tuxedomask #animegirl #chibiusa #sailormoonfan

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Who is Sailor Moon, also known as Usagi Tsuchino?

At first glance, Usagi/Sailor Moon could appear to be the stereotypical girl who needs saving, especially in the anime, where her boyfriend Milord genuinely saves her whenever she is in peril. However, as the episodes progress, her personal development is extremely impressive: she is able to transform her weakness into a great strength, and she does so primarily using words rather than physical force. After all, Usagi is “just” a 14-year-old girl who attends middle school during the day and battles evil at night. She is also not very adept at studying. She is portrayed differently in anime and manga; in anime, she seems much more childish because the “cartoon” is primarily intended for a younger audience, whereas in manga, she is much more adult because it was intended for a teenage audience. All the girls in the original manga appear to be older than they actually are and are capable of having in-depth conversations about issues like sacrifice, love, family, and even sex. Their approach to love serves as the best illustration of their maturity. The only Sailor who has a boyfriend is Usagi, who is madly in love with Mamoru. Of course, since they are teens, they all seek out their soul mate, but in the end it is always evident that they only want him and don’t need him. This is due to the fact that Sailor Moon’s true power comes from her friends, a group of outsider ladies who care about one another and would risk their lives to save them. Their fidelity is demonstrated in a fifth-season episode when Sailor Mars confides in her friends that she worries they would lose the conflict with Sailor Galaxia, their most formidable foe. In an effort to reassure her, Sailor Venus says, “For us, there has always been just one motto: to save our friends, vanquish the enemy, and protect who we love. Nothing has changed this time! We will survive, I’m positive. We would then return to our regular life and attend high school. We will at last find a boyfriend!” Another character then interrupts her to say that they have already made up their minds about who they will live and die for, and the decision has already been made in their hearts. True, they voluntarily live for Sailor Moon, their princess. They only ever cared about this.


With a capsule collection in honor of the legendary manga series by Naoko Takeuchi and her magical companions around disobedient schoolgirl Usagi Tsukino, goddess and guardian of the moon, who have amassed millions of fans over the years, including Billie Eilish, Hunter Schafer, and Lizzo, Jimmy Choo is marking the 30th anniversary of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. As Sandra Choi, creative director of Jimmy Choo, points out, the collaboration glamorously reimagined the fashion of the five heroines by concentrating on footwear and taking inspiration from their self-assured personas that infiltrated popular culture as models of female empowerment. i #fashion #prada #jimmychooshoes #dior #shoes #louisvuitton #chanel #valentino #versace #fendi #style #highheels #instagood #ysl #balenciaga #sunglasses #miumiu #burberry #dolcegabbana #instafashion #givenchy #luxury #hermes #michaelkors #ootd #stuartweitzman #love #jimmychooheels #sailormoon #curlycurlmedia #curlycurlfactory #curlycurlfashionsociety

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The best outfits 

Best appearanceMore than a mere heroine. The simplicity and coziness of the 1990s can be found in the daily moments that punctuate Usagi’s existence between one transition and another. In reality, when Usagi is not attempting to save the world, she acts just like any other teenager—she attends school, goes on walks with her friends, plays sports, and relaxes with her cat Luna.

Although Usagi most well-known appearance is the blue and white costume with pink knee-high boots and a bow in her hair, curlycurl prefers her less formal, frequently underrated attire. Miniskirts, short overalls, oversized sweatshirts, and denim jackets are just a few of the 90s staples that the heroine couldn’t live without and that can be found in her closet. She can quickly transition from streetwear-inspired clothing, like puffer coats and sneakers, to easy-chic and feminine appearances thanks to her diverse style. What appearance does curlycurl prefer? Sailor Moon is the reincarnation of Princess Serenity, who wore a white dress. It is a palladium gown, ideal for the moon princess, and inspired by Christian Dior’s Haute Couture designs from 1992. Usagi’s haircuts don’t allow for much originality, unlike her outfits. In reality, just one classic hairdo has come to represent Sailor Moon’s appearance in popular culture: long, blonde hair pulled back into two adorable ponytails with messy bangs. The main difference is that when Usagi transforms into the protagonist Sailor, she sometimes wears a diadem or pink hairpins and sports the crescent moon emblem on her face. Usagi’s hair was pink in the author Naoko Takeuchi’s original illustrations, but it was later changed, and both the manga and the anime show the lead character as having blonde hair.

In popular culture

Even younger generations, not just those who grew up watching the TV episodes, are fascinated by Usagi’s persona and her fairytale and enigmatic appearance, which is also akin to that of a typical high school girl. As a result, several types of merchandise have been produced over the years in honor of Sailor soldiers. In addition, many firms in the fashion and cosmetics sectors developed collections that were inspired by Sailor Moon, and this is a current craze. small examples? From the partnership with Shiseido, which keeps the cartoon’s symbols while retaining the brand’s core style of maturity, to the partnership with ColourPop, a young and innovative beauty brand that developed a pop and sparkly collection inspired by Usagi and the cat Luna.

A few years ago, Skechers and Sailor Moon worked together to create new styles of the iconic D’Lites Airy 2.0 silhouette, while Uniqlo debuted a line of t-shirts honoring Sailor Moon and her magical abilities. What are the best collections? Unquestionably the one introduced by KITH Women in 2021, a line of hoodies and t-shirts in various monochrome variations, with the brand’s logo superimposed on the series’ main characters; but also the Jimmy Choo capsule, which honored Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon’s 30th anniversary with a pair of shoes honoring each of the five manga and cartoon heroines. But there’s more: in addition to these partnerships, Japanese animation has also influenced the food business. Many eateries, particularly in Tokyo, have occasionally produced interesting and entertaining Sailor Moon-themed items like hamburgers, dim sum, and even milkshakes. The Sailor Warriors were given a streetwear makeover by the illustrator @drawmelike, who depicted the women as wearing Nike tracksuits, Supreme accessories, The North Face puffer coats, and special sneakers. There are numerous additional accounts, some of which resemble high-end fashion designs, like the sailor-couture profile on Tumblr, that also compile memes, episode moments, and all fan art. The clothing of the cartoon characters is compared to those of fashion houses like Chanel and Thierry Mugler in this instance. Usagi’s appearance, as well as that of the other protagonists and characters, blends well with the magical settings of Silver Millennium and Crystal Tokyo, with their charmed ambiances, vibrant hues, and mystical symbols. Even an Instagram account that only features Sailor Moon scenarios exists.


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