Lindsay Lohan publishes her first image of herself while pregnant.

There was so much suspence that had been created around Lindsay Lohan. The actress had announced that she was expecting her first child and had a lot of curiosity about her motherhood. She had not in fact revealed whether she would become a mother through a surrogate mother like her friend Paris Hilton or not. Now, after weeks of silence, she has finally dispelled all doubts by posting a selfie in the mirror. The curves, although barely hinted at, are unmistakable. That little belly peeking out of a knitted maxi-dress leaves no room for hesitation about her pregnancy.

The star of the 2004 cult classic Mean Girls (who is said to have a sequel in the works) and interpreter of Parents in Trap will have an heir, it has now been made official. As the expectant mother enthusiastically displayed on Instagram during a baby shower, it was discovered at the beginning of the month that he will be a baby. Since Lohan has not always been extremely accustomed to the world of social media, it is something unusual for her.

But in recent years, she has started to share with his fans some of the most significant phases of her life, beginning with her engagement to her partner in November 2021. When she had composed it, she had said of Shammas, “My love. Describes who I am. my relatives. In the future. After a calm and private wedding that was kept top secret from the paparazzi, the man eventually became her husband in July 2022.

Although they occasionally post sentimental photographs of themselves together on social media, Lohan and Shammas quickly avoided drawing attention to their relationship by avoiding public appearances. We only seen their formal relationship at the romance comedy Falling for Christmas’ New York premiere on Netflix in November.


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