Barbie’s urban legend

We’ve all experienced at least one. We would spend whole afternoons dressing her up, making her out to be a princess or a spy, combing her long hair, making tattoos with a Bic pen, or, in the case of being captured by a raptus nave, decapitating her head. Even in front of the meanest children, she was unfazed and continued to live. Barbie, who was … Continue reading Barbie’s urban legend

Chanel’s archives were rediscovered by Generation Z.

It is unsurprising that fashion has made its way to TikTok, but what is strange is how users perceive particular fashion houses, rather than how specific firms use the platform. While Hermès is the epitome of luxury, consumers of the ByteDance platform continue to have a hazy relationship with Chanel. On the other hand, an unprecedented rediscovery of the Chanel collections from the 1990s is … Continue reading Chanel’s archives were rediscovered by Generation Z.

The evolution of fashionable technology

From Lily Rose Depp’s Y2K headphones to Asap Rocky’s kid-friendly tamagotchi What does it take for a product that seems unrelated to fashion to catch on? Maybe it’s just that them readily available on the market and has a dashing sponsor who makes them seem appealing? Technology has come a long way since the days of the economic boom, when owning a phone or TV … Continue reading The evolution of fashionable technology