Meta meets Prada, Balenciaga and Thom Browne for they first virtual store

With a live broadcast on Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg announces the arrival on Facebook, Instagram and Messanger of outfits signed by the three fashion houses that users can buy to dress up their avatars. And he explains: “This feature will soon arrive in virtual reality”

It is not yet a metaverse, but still an important step for virtual fashion. Meta calls Prada, Balenciaga and Thom Browne to create the first Avatars store, a stock with the virtual garments of the three brands that can be used on the company’s main communication platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram and Messanger starting next week. It is a real virtual store that will be opened on these three social and chat channels that will allow users to buy, paying in fiat currencies, outfits for their avatar that can be applied to profile images, stickers and emojis.

Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg announced the news during a live Instagram with Eva Chen, head of social media fashion partnerships, in which he also explained that these fashion features will also arrive in the future in the metaverse’s virtual reality. For now, therefore, the virtual store for avatars will only be available on the three platforms.

“It’s been a long year of working on something that really represented a passion project,” said Eva Chen, who then joked with Zuckerberg about some Thom Browne or Prada looks that portrayed them dressed in virtual format. “This is probably the only runway show I’ll ever be close to,” the Facebook founder said.

A few days ago, on Twitter, Meta’s official profile announced the arrival of a novelty with a phrase in which Balenciaga was tagged, while in November, shortly after the company had officially changed its name from Facebook inc. to Meta, it wrote “Hey Balenciaga, how do you dress in the metaverse?”, sparking fan fantasies and ideas about a possible collaboration. Which today has become a reality.

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