Karl Lagerfeld creates an NFT for an event coming soon

Karl Lagerfeled has long filtered with the metaverse. But now, the real world has also stuck in it. The maison on Friday will launch a new type of limited-edition, figure Nft, KL7xEndless, to invite future customers of this non-fungible-token to an exclusive cocktail party organized by the brand. The event will take place at the brand’s Paris headquarters in the 7th arrondissement, at 194 rue Saint-Germain, and is scheduled for June 2022. Where the English street art artist Endless will also be present, who will not only exhibit some of his works and entertain the guests of the event with a performance, but also worked on the digitial work in question. Karl Lagerfeld’s Nfts will in fact be dressed in garments whose template is made by Endless, which for Lagerfeld’s Nfts has made graffiti then applied in the virtual garments of the couturier, whose variations are in shades of blue or pink, with stains and scribbles along the entire digital avatar costume.

Choosing Endless as the performance and collaborator of the initiative is not accidental. In the 2019 edition of Pitti Uomo, the London street artist had created a nurales dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld, who died in February 2019. Hosting this initiative will be The dematerialized platform, a virtual space dedicated to digital fashion models. The most exclusive of Lagerfeld’s figurines, the KL7xEndless, will only be sold to a maximum of seven comrpators for 777 euros. There will also be a more affordable version of the statuette, called KLxEndless and will be priced at 100 euros and a circulation of up to 500 figurines, which will allow you to access exclusive news and have material behind the scenes.

Seven is not a random number. Seven in fact was the number deemed lucky of the late couturier, who is not new to the Nft world . In addition to the version, the brand had in fact put up for sale some NFTs dedicated to the creative director, in the form of digital figurines, to celebrate his birthday, and in total, with this together with Endless, there were four releases of the brand dedicated to the world of Nfts.

In this regard, The dematerialized co-CEO Karina Grant explained: “We can’t wait to see where Karl x Endless collectibles end up around the world and see the lucky collectors coming to Paris.”

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