Top Gun Maverick: the unreleased full story with Miles Teller singing and playing Great Balls of Fire

While Top Gun: Maverick continues to cash out around the world, indeed by virtue of this, and to continue to delight fans of the film, Paramount has decided to release a video with Rooster’s full-length scene singing “Great Balls of Fire” playing the piano at Penny Benjamin’s venue. This is an alternate version of what we know.

In the film , in fact, the scene of Miles Teller singing the famous 1957 hit written by Otis Blackwell and Jack Hammer shows us Goose’s son who plays a piano with grit and is admired by all his friends, but dwells more on the reaction of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise), while watching the play he remembered (in Top Gun) Pete and Goose ( Nick Bradshaw) they sang the same song with Nick with the piano and nearby there was Rooster sitting with his mum as a child. Joseph Kosinski felt compelled to pay homage to the sequence with a scene that was not identical but similar, just as he did with the beach volleyball game, which became a football challenge.

The video with Rooster’s unreleased scene playing and singing “Great Balls of Fire” in Top Gun: Maverick therefore focuses only on Goose’s son, who performs the song in full. We don’t know if the director wanted to replace him with the images we know or had in mind to leave him like that. Anyway, Rooster is surrounded by other young drivers, including Payback (Jay Ellis), Phoenix (Monica Barbaro), Fanboy (Danny Ramirez) and Bob (Lewis Pullman). The whole place actually participates has fun. The boy wears a Hawaiian shirt just like his dad in the similar scene in Top Gun. It’s not the same piece of clothing though, because Anthony Edwards’ was blue, while Miles Teller’s is beige. The ending of the sequence is very nice, in which Teller plays, as he himself recounted in an interview:

I said, “I played the piano when I was younger. I still strut a little, I don’t need a stunt . I’ll play it and sing live.” Then I realized that this is a rather difficult song and that it requires a high hue and it was a great challenge to do.

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