The Gothic Chic movement’s sensual duality

If the gothic style is combined with boho feminine feelings

There is no denying that fashion has crossed over to the dark side. And it can only make us happier. The want to dig out the 2000s black leather trench coat and total black patent leather knee-high boots has never been stronger after seeing Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz as Cat Woman in the most recent The Batman.The three Salem witches from Hocus Pocus 2, which is available on Disney+, and Wednesday Addams from the first TV series with a Netflix brand dedicated to her, which premieres on Nov. 23, however, make a return to the big screen just in time for Halloween, so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t fall for this exquisite lure from the dark side as well. With the addition of twists and sensuous touches that not even Buffy the Vampire Slayer would dare, despite her characteristically Y2K daring appearance, the goth girl aesthetic, with a tinge of attitude somewhere between an educand and a witch’s apprentice, is definitively returning to the early days. It goes without saying that the designers and their research areas are accomplices.

The tailored clothing of Burberry, the women of Givenchy, the glam girl with a rock spirit of Valentino, the lavish dresses of Alexander McQueen, the glossy cuissardes of Saint Laurent, the studs of Gucci, and the all-black ensembles of Balenciaga. Thus, black returns to symbolize authority in the vocabulary of autumn-winter 2022–2023—not just for fashion experts. Power reaffirmed itself as a trend on the runways of the just finished fashion month, where it was seen on everything from the dark brides of Versace to the flowing curves of Chanel and Coperni dresses. It is a golden phrase that we will also carry into 2023 and even impact spring outfits. In other words, the unilateral comeback of witchy fashion is leaving its mark—and not only on October 31st. Away with dark lady layers and yeah for the revenge, cyclical we might add, of black worn from head to toe as a gesture of pride. This is the fashion celebration that is both obvious and speaks to the remaining 364 days.

The hashtag #whimsigoth, which is influenced by the more opulent side of late 1980s gothic style, is becoming increasingly popular, even on TikTok. Thus, Black is dictating all of its laws pertaining to magic and mysticism in the hic et nunc. A captivating non-color that draws attention to itself in a similar way to a powerful witches’ cauldron brew. Given the society we live in, does wearing black signal a desire for change? I suppose so. Or maybe it represents the liberation of a feminine nature that has been imprisoned and altered to the polar opposite by the many lockdowns? One thing is for sure: goth-chic is the best look if you want to embrace your stern attitude while still being seductive. Using well tailored pieces with sensual appeal, like vinyl tights or a tight bustier to highlight the dĂ©colletage, together with features with precisely tailored lines, such leather skirts with large slits, airy capes, and high-waisted balloon pants, is how to achieve the ideal match. A see-through effect turtleneck and a pair of translucent tights may be the perfect addition to this witchy mood if you truly want to lighten it up. Like a Wednesday or the Anderson sisters from Witches, who have finally made a comeback to the big screen to impart some fresh teachings on sisterhood and girl empowerment, they are charming and untouchable.

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