Why are Iranian ladies cutting their hair short?

Hair is considered to be a crucial component of a woman’s beauty from an aesthetic standpoint, and in Kurdish culture, cutting one’s hair is a sign of sadness. The majority of Iranian women are currently shaving their heads in protest of Mahsa Amini’s murder.A lock of hair was the alleged factor that led to the murder of the 22-year-old, and this detail alarmed the moral police patrol that patrols the city to uphold law and order, including the hijab requirement that must cover hair. The girl was allegedly restrained and brutally abused until she fell into a coma and passed away on Thursday. This sparked a massive outcry among Iranians, who made the decision to rise up and march through the streets in support of women’s rights.

Once again, social media proved to be the ideal platform for disseminating a symbolic and political message. Videos of people cutting their hair could be found on TikTok and Twitter, with some users claiming that they “cannot cut hair on video for their safety” due to Iran’s strict hijab obligation law, which actually killed Mahsa. This is not the first time Iranian women have burned hijabs in protest; on National Hijab and Chastity Day in Iran last July, some women shared pictures and videos of their bare heads; in 2018, 29 people were detained following the Girls of Revolution Street protest, which was inspired by a girl who removed her headscarf in central Tehran.


Today exactly two years ago I started wearing hijab, today I cut my hair for #mahsaamini , who was an Iranian woman that got unal!ved in Iran because of the mandatory hijab law. I cannot show the video of me cutting my hair out of religious reasons (On my story there is a censored version of the video) so as a symbol of solidarity I made a video cutting my scarf as well in order to spread the message. I am wearing one of our traditional Persian scarfs around me to represent my people as an Iranian woman. I cannot go into detail for my own safety, so please do the research and spread our message. #fy #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #freedom #help #helpus #iran

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“We must cover our heads in order to attend school and hold a job starting at the age of seven. This system of gender discrimination is unacceptable to us. For Iranian women, The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is not fiction; it is actuality “is how Iranian actress Anahita Hemmati describes the incident that resulted in recordings of hijabs burning in the streets and hair falling out on social media. The protests continue despite the fact that seventeen people have already died and numerous others have been injured as a result of the Iranian security forces’ refusal to stop firing on the demonstrators. We pledge our complete support for Iranian women and all those who are actively campaigning for Human right daily.


Iranian women are cutting their hair as a way to mourn Mahsa, help us spread the news🖤 #mahsaamini #mahsaaminimurdered #mahsa_amini #iran

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