Can famous people live without stylists?

The stylist is the person in charge of providing the clothing that debuted on the catwalk season after season with a narrative coherence. Despite having a strong connection to the fashion publishing industry, he currently works primarily as a freelancer, even outside of magazines. He oversees, for instance, the appearance and attire of famous people at the most important events in the worlds of music, fashion, and film.In other words, having a talented celebrity stylist on your side will guarantee maximum media exposure. Exposure that, as a result, fashion businesses experience as well when they decide to form relationships with particular individuals. Consistency, or the combination of narrative and aesthetics, has the power to either enhance or detract from a celebrity’s reputation.

However, not all celebrities have opted to use a stylist’s skills. Chiara Ferragni first and foremost. She was a pioneer in realizing the promise of digital, but due to elitism that prevented her from being seen as living up to a maniacal hierarchical system, she never employed a stylist.The truth is that Ferragni doesn’t need to make a choice, make a statement, or take a position because by stealing the concept of a fashion victim and duplicating its traits and effects simultaneously, she actually makes them the victims. regardless of the stylist. In actuality, having a stylist by your side can place restrictions: there is a chance of exploring an aesthetic imagery style that is only associated with specific brands and renunciating a more unique point of view. TimothĂ©e Chalamet, for instance, chooses her own outfits for occasions like the Golden Globes or the different festivals in which she participates. From Haider Ackermann to Dior, via Louis Vuitton, the actor himself only collaborates with the fashion houses he likes. 

Actress Blake Lively, who is thankfully stylist-free, has a similar vision. She told WWD, “I adore design and fashion, and it’s an opportunity to be creative.” The most difficult aspect is watching all the fashion shows, selecting all the styles you like, then calling them. My helper assists me in making fashion decisions.However, the majority of the labor involves developing connections with stylists, she added. The actress has consistently been able to unite the press and audience, adhering to a recognisable sense of splendour, from her debut at the MET Galas in 2008, when she donned a Ralph Lauren dress, to her most recent appearance in Atelier Versace. Kate Moss could be added to the list of characters without a personal stylist, according to Sasha Charnin Morrison, a celebrity stylist, who said to Fashionista in 2011: “Blake doesn’t use anyone. Sienna Miller, Diane Kruger, and Kate Moss all have amazing style and a very clear sense of what they want to appear like. – Emily Rossum and Meghan Markle.Because they just do not have the time or resources to dedicate to selecting a look for a particular function, most celebrities prefer to turn to a stylist. The fact that many celebrities with instantly recognizable styles want to go without stylists in the name of having a stylist-agnostic sense of style may surprise or not.

In retrospect, intermediaries are a crucial component for those making their first moves in the fashion industry. Timothéè Chalamet and Blake Lively are able to function without the aid of a stylist because they are accustomed to navigating the world of public relations, appointments, and showrooms.The public’s growing sensitivity to the stories that brands stage must also be taken into account. Conflicting comments appeared on social media in response to singer Ana Mena’s tweet featuring a look from Miu Miu’s renowned SS22 collection, demonstrating how the singer’s identity and the Miu Miu brand’s perception were completely at odds with one another. And it is precisely for this reason – identification, narration, and perception being the three primary factors – that a celebrity stylist’s intervention can significantly alter the situation.

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