The success of the Newspaper Dress Made by John Galliano

How Carrie Bradshaw’s use of promotional materials went down in history

The Newspaper Dress created by John Galliano for Dior sold last Monday at the Cornette de Saint Cyr digital auction, The Art of Luxury: Louis Vuitton & Christian Dior – John Galliano, for the price of 15,300 pound, in which it was the primary lot. Although Galliano’s designs for Dior and his own brand are prized by collectors and fetch high prices for their “beautiful lines, imagination, and sense of color,” this is somewhat of a record, exceeding the original estimate by more than 15 times and demonstrating how much that garment has entered both the history of modern fashion and the collective imagination.

The fall 2000 ready-to-wear collection that John Galliano created for Dior, which was influenced by both the homeless people who slept on newspapers on the streets of Paris and the Vagabond Dances of the 1920s, where the wealthy dressed as the poor for fun, is responsible for popularizing the gazette print. The collection, which received criticism for stealing poverty, ended up being one of her most well-known works because of a well-known TV personality.In the third season’s episode number 17 titled What Goes Around Comes Around of Sex and the City, a light sheath dress with an asymmetrical cut, a plunging neckline, and two extremely thin straps adorned with a gold “C” and “D” was one of those designs. Carrie Bradshaw wore it during a pretty “sensitive” moment in which she really ambushes Natasha in an effort to apologize to her for upsetting her marriage to Big, according to costume designer Patricia Field. The apology was rejected, but those few minutes on screen were enough to establish the Dior dress as one of Carrie’s most recognizable looks ever. In fact, Carrie wore the dress once more in the sequel to Sex and the City (2010), ten years after it initially debuted.

It was made iconic by Dior, Galliano, and Bradshaw, yet the idea for a dress with a newspaper-inspired print was not theirs. The wife of an Australian senator, Matilda Butters, wore an antique version among the first in 1886, but Elsa Schiaparelli and Louis RĂ©ard are credited with bringing attention to this kind of clothing. While Schiaparelli made designs using newspaper cuttings written about her, translated into blouses and accessories in 1935, the inventor of the bikini covered in that type of print, sarcastically alluding to all the newspaper headlines she would have conquered with that inventive garment. She possibly had the idea after witnessing fishwives in Copenhagen wearing hats made of newspaper while on a vacation in Denmark. She possibly had the idea after witnessing fishwives in Copenhagen wearing hats made of newspaper while on a vacation in Denmark. Since then, the fashion has been periodically revisited and subtly reworked by other designers, including Moschino, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Versace, Helmut Lang, and Diane Von Furstenberg. However, the Dior by Galliano version of the Newspaper dress continues to be the most adored. Why? There are many contributing variables, but Carrie Bradshaw was the one who really made a difference. Whether you like her sense of style or not, she continues to be one of the most important figures in film and television when it comes to fashion (along with the entire SATC TV series), and everything she puts on is memorable. She further distanced herself from it in the early 2000s when she debuted the Dior dress, putting her on the radar of every fashion enthusiast on the planet. Most people have been forced to settle with the numerous fast-fashion knockoffs, but the fortunate few, like Kim Kardashian, have been able to channel Carrie and add a piece from that renowned collection to their wardrobe.


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