The outfits and costumes of the movie Black Panther:Wakanda Forever

So far in Marvel’s Phase 4, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is arguably the most adored movie. Due to the terrible loss of the movie’s star actor, Chadwick Boseman, and the cultural impact the original Black Panther movie had at the time of its release, there was a lot of anticipation for the sequel. The outcome was more than excellent, and the movie is regarded as one of Marvel Studios’ best works in terms of writing, directing, acting, and setting up a new universe. The outfits are an essential component of this world-building, and their Afrofuturist design reveals as much about Wakanda’s technological advancement as it does about African cultural heritage. While Ruth E. Carter, an Oscar-winning costume designer, created many of the costumes worn by the film’s protagonists, she also worked closely with adidas and a variety of other designers, including Mugler, HervĂ© LĂ©ger, and most notably, Iris Van Herpen. Carter was inspired by the decorative motifs and costumes of African tribes like the Maasai and the Ndebele.

There are numerous references to the fashion industry throughout the movie, even though Fenty Beauty is the most well-known brand that is referenced. Carter consulted Dutch fashion designer Iris Van Herpen for guidance on creating the outfits for the underwater realm of Talokan and its ruler Namor because of her experience reinterpreting designs influenced by aquatic life.Iris Van Herpen specifically designed the red dress that Namora, played by Mabel Cadena, wears in an underwater scene, which is made of silk organza feathers, and the very light white silk robe that Shuri wears when she is in Talokan, which is closed on the torso by an elaborate neckpiece made of green and orange pearls that wraps around the shoulders. Both outfits, along with Tolokan’s, are reminiscent of the world of the great Mesoamerican civilizations, particularly the Mayans. It’s interesting to note that Namora’s garment was made for the movie but never worn since it was too delicate for underwater sequences; instead, a faithful but more water-resistant replica was utilized.

But when they return to the mainland, the characters’ regular attire is less elaborate but still stylish. The character of Okoye, the warrior played by Danai Gurira, outshines everyone when it comes to fashion. For her trip to America, Okoye dons a square-shouldered jacket by Mugler and a pair of black glasses by Louis Vuitton (raising the question of what the Dora Milaje’s salary is), while Shuri, Okoye’s companion, dons a tailored tracksuit by adidas with sleeves that extend during a high- Shuri, on the other hand, dons a gray HervĂ© LĂ©ger outfit for the scenes in Wakanda where she is in her workshop with the new character Riri, while Riri is dressed in an orange ensemble with metallic accents.


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