The dream of driving Barbie’s car for many of us has come true due to Maserati.

Possessing an amazing individuality and clear style, they are easily identifiable. The new Maserati Grecale, an extremely limited edition SUV created through a partnership between Maserati and Barbie, is born from these shared traits. The off-roader is a Trofeo version that was created as part of the House of the Trident’s personalization program. It was inspired by the Barbiecore trend and is therefore completely painted the distinctive 219 C Pantone pink associated with Mattel’s iconic doll with subdued acid yellow lines that allude to Maserati’s sporty soul. The outside features the Barbie emblem and an iridescent coating that, when exposed to sunlight, creates an amazing rainbow effect. The luxurious black interior includes headrests with the “B” emblem and leather seats, a dashboard, upholstery, and doors. A potent 530 horsepower V6 Neptune engine beats beneath the hood.

There will only be two specially made examples of the Maserati Grecale Barbie accessible in the entire world as part of the ultra-limited Fuoriserie edition. During the launch evening hosted by the upscale department store in Los Angeles, the first was introduced as one of Neiman Marcus’ Fantasy Gifts 2022. A part of the sales revenue from this model will be given to the Barbie Dream Gap Project, a program through which the company collaborates with charities to give girls equitable opportunity and remove obstacles in their lives. Information on the second vehicle will be made public in 2023. In the eagerly awaited Barbie movie, Margot Robbie would have delighted to cruise around in the brand-new Barbie x Maserati SUV.

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