The best way to get ready for fashion schools

The phrase “The show must go on ,” in the world of performing art refers to the precise moment when a performance, event, etc., must continue even though there are problems. This hypothetical situation sums up nicely how many students typically feel in September as they prepare to start their academic careers. Whether you decide to pursue a career as a doctor, engineer, or architect, the world is full of people who are willing to stand by your side and offer advice meant to inspire. In this way, they illuminate the steps that will bring you into the “work world” year after year, and this should not be taken for granted; in fact, someone who is aspiring to work in the fashion industry would be extremely lucky to experience this.The industry of stylists, buyers, producers, public relations professionals, and communication specialists does not adhere to rigid base-rules and rarely exhibits common dynamics, even between two persons playing the same position. Furthermore, even though it is still not widely accepted in England the sector of education is still not seen as legitimate.

Central Saint Martins Coordinator and Creative Director Martin Brown stated in an interview with curlycurl that “fashion is, par excellence, the sphere in which all its power of seduction is entrusted to the image, without (rarely) revealing the great work that lies behind each operation of conception, collection development, and its consequent storytelling.” On the other hand, students aspire to enter this place of mystery, families view with suspicion a job that bases its success on ephemeral and subpar topics». Fashion schools can seem from the outside like an amusement park where one can tell one’s story and give free rein to one’s creativity.

But anyone who has made the decision to enroll in a Fashion Styling, Design, Buying, Marketing, PR & Communication, or Merchandising course with nothing but their own ambitions in mind—and who now spends afternoons daydreaming about the first days, exams, and most importantly, lessons—needs to know that their teachers will be by their side from the beginning: A story on Instagram or a post, made in lightning-fast time with an apparent lightness, has a design thought and frequently many hours of work behind it, according to Martin Brown. “As trainers, it becomes essential to spend the first few months in a fashion school explaining the behind-the-scenes step by step,” he continued. “One can enter the “second act” and follow this route with joy and great satisfaction if it is made obvious to everyone that the game’s rules need commitment, passion, and dedication. In the meantime, the teachers’ advice is to “don’t be afraid, be curious, never settle… and do everything with a smile on your face.” If the teachers have expectations, they will aim to see each student grow, in his or her own way: “The thing we hope for, and expect to see, whenever we are faced with a new student or student, is change.”

Fear of failing to live up to one’s expectations, disappointing one’s family, failing to fit in, or fear that one did not make the proper choice is a common emotion, and it can occur in educational settings just as much as when someone is starting out in a new career. The narrative of REN , founder and creative director of reincorporation , whose academic experience at the London College of Fashion began with oversight and later proved to be a tremendous chance, demonstrates the importance of learning from your years as students to get active. REN recalled, “I got my course selections wrong and after the test, I got into the Fashion Design department. “It was a drama for me because at the time, I didn’t want to know anything about fashion and instead intended to launch myself into the [world of] interior design or communication. What had initially seemed to be a tragic oversight quickly transformed into a wonderful opportunity, and [fashion] developed into a love. Just three years after I graduate with an honorary.”

Currently, Ren is in charge of a project that is wholly dedicated to the principles of sustainability and upcycling, has (already) made a name for itself, and is gradually engulfing New York: “Two years after graduating and holding a company like Reincorporation, I put myself on the line every day, learning from my mistakes and rising back up again. If I had to give advice to young men and women who are ready to enroll in fashion school, I would encourage them to never hold back and to never restrict themselves by taking in only what they will learn in class because it is never enough.”

Elenora Falcioni, received her degree in fashion business & communication from the Istituto Marangoni in Milan and is currently employed as press officer at Gucci in London , also discusses the importance of remaining fearless and interested. “I believe that being curious and hungry to learn about the [fashion] industry is the engine that can lead a future student to love this world even more,” she said, reassuring that such an approach – in researching, informing, studying, then developing critical thinking concerning a specific topic, constantly expanding one’s knowledge base ”When creating concepts and initiatives during the years of study, it is usually useful.”She added that she always attempted to conduct as professionally as possible, based on the thorough arrangement of work, and that what she learnt during her education immediately came in helpful in her first job as a graduate:” During my time in college, I had a lot of success in creating an orderly workspace that was time-stamped. Organization is essential since people frequently underestimate the amount of labor that goes into each [school] project; otherwise, “late nights” are a sure! And in a professional setting, this same working method is still beneficial to me today.”She continued, «That another thing I carry within of me is the conviction that you have to stay loyal to who you are. As obvious as it may seem, I believe that being able to be yourself is challenging in a setting like fashion, where you are surrounded by charming individuals who have a lot of sway over those around you. Individuals stand out in a group when they develop their oddities, and only personalities with a variety of characteristics may contribute their strengths to a team or project. So let’s start the countdown.

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