Harry Styles debuts with his own cosmetics collection.

Harry Styles is concentrating on Pleasing, his beauty brand, which debuted last year with a series of genderless nail polishes and is getting ready to launch its first makeup line, the result of a partnership with Marco Ribeiro, while discussion about his role in Don’t Worry Darling continues in theaters and magazines.

“This cooperation focuses on vivid pigments and represents Pleasing’s first push into makeup, continuing our objective to bring together pleasant experiences and exciting products. The entire Pleasing x Marco Ribeiro collection is comprised of shared creative touchpoints that harmonize Ribeiro’s vibrant vision with our own.”

The former member of One Direction selected the Parisian designer, who is of Brazilian descent and is renowned for his avant-garde works using geometric forms and vivid colors, to produce creamy textures, versatile hues, and five brand-new, limited-edition nail polish shades.

The new release will concentrate on bright colours to make a statement and entertaining looks that will lighten up our winter, inspired by Ribeiro’s costumes that Harry has previously worn on stage and on the artwork for his Harry’s House album. The palette of pressed powder colours, which can be mixed with the new all-purpose gloss to create a more fluid and adaptable texture, is a must-have item. It can be applied with a brush, directly with the fingers, or both. Three universal cream pigments are also included in the collection: Écoulement, a blue-green, and Soleil, a bright yellow, both of which may be used on the entire face, while La Vie En Rose Vif, a vivid pink, is intended for the lips and cheeks. As usual, nail polish is in plentiful supply. The hues? For Incrvel Marrom Fosco, opaque brown; for Ctrico Vibrante Cremoso, brilliant opaque green; for Borgonha Aça Cremoso; for Oceano gua-Marinha Cremoso; and for Aura Laranja Gelatina, glossy burgundy. Additionally, two hoodies will be sold that were cut and sewed in Los Angeles and are available in two colours (brown and yellow or pink and red), rounding out the Pleasing and Ribeiro partnership. They are constructed of 100% cotton, of which 50% is recycled yarn and the remaining 50% is manufactured from organic materials.

At the designer’s presentation on September 29 as part of Paris Fashion Week, Pleasing x Marco Ribeiro will make its premiere. The following day, it will be offered for sale on the Pleasing website.

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