Following the Rome show, Dior is seeking $100,000 from Valentino as compensation.

The Spanish Steps in Rome, where Valentino’s show-kolossal to unveil the brand’s Couture FW22 collection, caught the attention of the fashion world this past weekend.The manager of the Dior boutique in Via Condotti 14, which forms a corner with Piazza di Spagna, addressed a letter to Valentino the same night of the performance, which was also read by representatives of WWD, and he was not pleased with the outcome of the event. The cause is that, although having sought for standard licenses for the occupation of the Spanish Steps, the parade’s setup would have restricted access to side streets and prevented people from even entering businesses on the area, such as the Dior store.

The shop “remained empty and unoperating in the early afternoon hours,” according to an excerpt from the letter that was published in WWD. No other store has ever caused such objections at an event than the magazine. Regardless, the brand simply states that it “will take all necessary actions to preserve its rights” if the restitution amount is not paid. In the world of fashion, where brands typically grip a knife tightly between their teeth while grinning at one another, this kind of dissing is undoubtedly pretty uncommon.

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