The public is welcome to attend the upcoming Diesel show in Milan

Diesel, and OTB group brand directed by Glenn Martens, will return to show in Milan on September 21, presenting for the SS23 a collection with a twist. Infact starting on September 1, anyone will be able to experience the show live according to the order of arrival by connecting to the brand’s website. “Diesel’s identity is very clear and not too serious, which is why I believe people are obsessed with the brand again,” Glenn told WWD, a decision that could restore the Italian brand’s season of energy. “Through this openness, we hope to bring the energy that only people who love the brand or are curious to see what happens can bring to a fashion show,” says the designer.

The news will not only have a significant media impact on Diesel’s reputation, but it also contains the germ of a positive message for the fashion world: Diesel could rekindle a form of involvement that is truly inclusive and open to a diverse audience, failing in stereotypes that have long imprisoned the fashion world inside a golden cage made of elitism and competition.Givenchy opened its runway show to the public during New York Fashion Week in 2015, during the delicate transition from print to digital, with over 800 tickets available in the shortest amount of time.Along with the most diverse backgrounds of editors, stylists, VICs, and content creators, there may be fashion enthusiasts who, long unnoticed, cultivate a healthy interest in the heritage of a brand to which they feel particularly attached. If, on the one hand, the discourse could lead to internal imbalances within the hierarchies underlying fashion, on the other hand, it would be a new form of engagement that luxury brands – for whom getting to the heart of the masses has become one of the fundamental objectives – could evaluate as a hypothetical path to strengthen their community.

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