The fan is the new essential for summer 2022

During the summer of 2022, the song “God, it’s hot in here” by Nelly from back in 2002 will be the go-to playlist due to the nostalgia factor and the heat. Lately You have to figure out a method to survive in the city while many people’s ideal vacations in the mountains or by the sea is their priority for this summer . How? Just drink plenty of water, dress in natural, breathable materials and use fans and air conditioners sparingly since witch hunts, blackouts, and global warming are always a possibility, just like the demons in Stranger Things that are upside down. The world’s most traditional anti-warming remedy—the fan—is being revived by the fashion industry. The fan returns to being the protagonist, a true must-have in the front row of the most recent fashion shows after being relegated for a few years to souvenirs of vacations to Spain and the middle East coast , to heirlooms acquired from grandmothers and mothers who spent much of our childhoods waving to feel refresh .

The fan has been a part of civilisation ever since the beginning. A must-have for any European nobility, it arrived in Europe from the East around the end of the 15th and the beginning of the 16th centuries and reached its height of popularity during that century, when it was worn casually by both men and women. It was first brought to France by Caterina de’ Medici, Queen Elizabeth I used it to highlight her hands, which she thought was one of its best features, and Marie Antoinette, as Sofia Coppola’s film serves as a reminder, saw it as a crucial piece of jewelry to complete ther appearance.It frequently used to communicate in a secret language, similar to how drag today functions as a form of punctuation. For instance, holding it in front of your face with your right hand meant “Follow me,” letting it slide across your cheeks meant “I love you,” and moving it with your left hand meant “They looking at us.”

After the 20th century, it fell out of favor and was left to regional customs or groups like burlesque dancers, who continue to utilize them in their performances today. However, the fashion industry has never ceased by adoring this accessory and suggesting the return to the runway. Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano, two of his greatest admirers, wore it as an accessory in a number of the Dior fashion shows produced in the 1990s. More recently, Maria Grazia Chiuri re-proposed it for Dior’s 2023 resort collection, which was showcased in Seville and was influenced by flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya and Andalusian aesthetics.

In this summer’s canicular, the fan returns to our hands, prompting us to rediscover a gesture that appears antiquated and enticingly fashionable, if not snobby, but which is actually incredibly democratic. Every type of material, color, and price has its devotees, from those offered by stalls in neighborhood markets to budget retailers like Flying Tiger, from handcrafted items by @duvelleroy and @ventaglipintamialma to high-end ones by Dior and Supreme. Buy them vintage and out-of-production if you want to acquire something with sentimental value and unfathomable charm.

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