United Colors of Benetton enters the Metaverse with the launch of its first virtual store, PlayChange, accessible starting today through the Roblox platform.

PlayChange takes its name from the launch activity of the initiative carried out on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week in February 2022, and will present itself with the same refined and minimalist look and feel made for the flagship of Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, invaded by the pink color that has covered all its surfaces – from showcases to interiors, from hangers to shelves – naturally emphasizing the shades of Benetton garments.


Once you enter PlayChange, you’ll be able to freely explore your surroundings, and discover a selection of iconic garments from the SS22 collection. Through three special portals, then, it will be possible to access three different game worlds: the sky of Pink it!, the forest of Green Adventure and the desert of The Color Race.

At the end of each game, a virtual card will appear, which will allow the user who obtained it to go to a United Colors of Benetton physical store participating in the initiative, shop and benefit from the discount obtained thanks to participation in the minigames in the virtual store in the Metaverse.

«What we are experiencing is widespread omnichannel, amplifying the physical shopping experience with a new, completely virtual, creating a circularity in a phygital perspective between the physical world – Metaverso – physical world – explains Antonio Patrissi, Chief Digital Officer of Benetton Group -. Benetton has always been a pioneering brand, able to anticipate times and trends: our goal is to explore first the new possibilities of involvement that this new technology offers, getting closer and closer to consumption habits and the vision that younger generations have of the world of fashion and retail».

Three different talents were involved for the launch of PlayChange: Luca Vezil, passionate about fashion, tech and photography; Gloria Schito, famous TikToker and fashion creator; and Surry, an expert in gaming, travel and lifestyle.

Signed by dentsu gaming, the dentsu group’s integrated solution dedicated to the video game industry, the project aims to make the physical and virtual experience one, exploring new technologies and getting closer to younger consumers. The project involves an average amplification by the Simple Agency team.

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