“Mattia you’re a free man”, Harry Styles helped an Italian fan to do coming out during his concert in London

An enviable career, full of many international successes and also attention to social issues. This is Harry Styles. English singer who on several occasions has lashed out against homophobia and expressed his closeness to the LGBTQ community countless times. The last gesture demonstrating this was made during his concert at London’s Wembley Stadium where he helped an Italian fan come out publicly.

If in Manchester he had interrupted the concert to greet his first teacher, who was in the audience, in London he did so to help an Italian fan come out.

From the stage, with his gaze fixed on his adoring audience, the artist could not fail to notice one sign in particular. Not because he was the greatest, not because he was the most flashy: simply because of the brief, significant sentence that read: “From Ono to Wembley: help me come out.”

As seen in one of the many videos posted on social media, at one point, the former One Direction picked up the boy’s sign asking him to help him reveal his sexual orientation and showed it to the audience. “Hi Mattia, where are you from? Italy! – said the singer, talking to the fan – Show me your sign. Do you want to come out? Ok.” Styles then brought a rainbow flag to the stage and continued the speech. “When this flag passes over my head, Mattia will be officially gay. It seems to me that way it works,” the pop star joked, before running on stage raising the flag a couple of times (but never passing it over her head). On the third attempt, the ‘rite’ was finally accomplished, amid the enthusiasm of the crowd. “Congratulations Mattia – concluded the singer – . My boy, you are now officially gay. You are now a free man.”

As you can see from the video, Harry Styles was extremely pleased to be able to help one of his fans with this significant step. At some point it almost seems that he has been overwhelmed since that moment, so much so that you can see him with his eyes closed and with his head bowed back, as if he were savoring the warm welcome of that gesture.


Always championing the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, the musician in the past explained why he chose not to reveal his sexual orientation: “My orientation? I won’t tell you, not to protect myself, nor because it’s just mine. But why simply who cares! I’m not trying to be ambiguous to make myself more interesting. I don’t choose looks that make me look gay, straight or bisexual, I’m just looking for the coolest ones. And I think orientation is also something you can experience.”

“I never felt the need to give labels. But everyone has to do what they think is best. Everyone should be themselves, but I don’t think he should explain this thing about me to anyone.”

“In my opinion we should all be more open. There is not always a need to label everything. I don’t feel the need to reveal to everyone if I ticked boxes. But I talk to my friends and I’m sincere and open with them, but that’s my personal experience; it’s mine.”

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