Fashion Trends: The return of kimono.

While the Metropolitan of New York presents the exhibition ‘Kimono Style: The John C. Weber Collection’ (arranged until February 20, 2023), an exhibition that includes over 60 kimonos, in addition to Japanese prints and decorative art objects, the aristocratic Japanese leader returns to the protagonist of the summer women’s wardrobe. Perfect for an elegant or casual look, depending on the occasion, it has always inspired fashion, from silent film divas to today’s celebs. And it doesn’t lose its charm, it keeps coming back.

Credit : getty

The kimono, whose birth dates back about 1300 years, has evolved over the centuries to the current version. And if in the past the word kimono (literally “thing to wear”) was used to indicate any dress you wore, today it refers only to the traditional Japanese dress.


The kimono evolved by establishing a bridge between East and West, even becoming part of the fabric of different contemporary societies. This transformation is explored in New York’s Metropolitan Museum exhibition, ‘Kimono Style: The John C. Weber Collection’ (set up until February 20, 2023).


Perfect for a casual outfit, but just as for a more elegant outfit (there are those who prefer it as a cover-up cover on the beach), the kimono has inspired great designers at every latitude, from Yamamoto to Galliano, from Saint Laurent to Gucci, to name just a few.


A curiosity about kimonos is that men’s ones come in various sizes, while women’s kimonos are one size and are adapted to various body shapes and sizes by rolling up or folding the fabric appropriately.


With wide sleeves and a belt around the waist, the kimono can also be used as a cover-up, a real touch of class to show off on the beach.


Deconstructed, like a long jacket, paired with jeans or shorts, a bit boho is the favorite version of celebrities.

Credit: getty

Among the trendiest ways to wear it, remains what you see it on white jeans and t-shirts


Multicolor on stiletto heels gives a perfect touch of allure for any occasion

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