Curly haircuts summer 2022: soft curls and retro style

Curly haircuts of summer 2022 look to the past to write about the future. From the 1970s to the Renaissance, waves and curls returned to being the protagonists of trends, revealing all their desire for freedom. And even a pinch of rebellion.

Because curly hair is made to be worn loose on the shoulders, structured and expertly disciplined by products. Daniele De Angelis , manager at the Toni&gGuy Accademy London, also confirms this: for the summer, hedgehogs will have limited volumes. “We’re talking about well-maintained curly hair managed with products. Leave-in conditioners and oils, very moisturizing base, which can promote curling without too much volume».

The finish is also of considerable importance. Rounding out the curly cuts of summer 2022, in fact, are “hair that looks almost damp, extremely shiny”. And if Botticelli Hair – with an almost frisé effect, with flat waves and barely mentioned – are the romantic trend for those who do not want to give up curly and long hair, summer 2022 is dedicated to medium and short cuts, even Afro.

If you want to dare and have fun with different styles and moods, which would give your hair a timeless approach by giving all the softness of a 70s Fringe Soft Lob, a classic 80s Mullet or a 1950s-inspired Pixie Cut than stay tune !!! We are curlycurl we care for our curly girls readers.

Curly haircuts summer 2022: the Soft Lob with fringe

Among the trendiest curly cuts for summer 2022, the Long Bob touching the shoulders resulting in a cut with a slight scaling is perfect. The effect is a cut with a soft perimeter, “to be dried without a line to accommodate the natural hair loss”. The detail to add is “a curtain fringe, a bit of a 70s”.

The key to enhancing this haircut is to create a soft, delicate styling. “You can opt for a very natural drying with the diffuser or leave your hair to dry completely natural.” The ideal gimmick is to enhance the cut even by the sea, helping yourself with leave-in conditioner and oil.

The Mullet curls are up for the summer

It’s the perfect unisex cut to try on curly hair: Mullet gives the hair an 80s touch. For the summer of 2022, then, “wavy, to dried naturally. The idea is to soft lines, enhanced by wavy and soft curls”. What makes the cut more dynamic are the slightly shorter sides of the cut, but never shaved.

“By adding a few wavy tufts that fall on your forehead, you get a perfect cut to enhance with color.” The key is to give depth. “The darkest elements must be left at the roots, the goldener and brightest ones on the lengths and tips.”

The effect is a three-dimensional and eventful, courageous cut. The silhouette, in fact, is that of the most classic of mullets, characterized by a clear detachment between short roots and parade lengths. Among the curly cuts, in fact, the Mullet is perfect for risking and giving the hair a more rebellious spirit.

Summer 2022 haircuts: the curly pixie cut

The short and curly cuts of summer 2022 are feminine, modern and contemporary at the same time. Pixie, in particular, evokes atmospheres of the 1950s and 1960s. “The line must be very soft on the nape of the neck and light on the sides. To be completed with a more or less geometric fringe, to be studied according to the face and type of woman. A slightly square shape works well on curly hair, studied without too much volume».

The key to enhancing this type of cut is to keep the roots flat with very moisturizing products. “Clats, for example, that hold hair tight to the skin. Cover clips also work well.” To give volume, then, you will have to “open the curls with your fingers. A practice that will make them slightly more vaporous after drying.”

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