World Oceans Day 2022: initiatives from beauty brands for cleaner seas and oceans

We and our planet have a lot in common. We are both composed mostly of water. Man for about 60%, Earth for 70. A similarity that should make us reflect on how much this precious resource is to be protected. Starting from the seas into which 97% of the global water is poured. For this reason, in 1992 the United Nations established World Oceans Day which is celebrated every year on June 8. And for the same reason many cosmetic brands – especially those that harness the anti-aging power of algae – are committed to a sustainable approach on multiple fronts.

The acquisition of the trimaran Ultim, capable of circumnavigating the planet in 40 days, by the SVR brand has an important symbolic meaning. The Kresk Group, owner of the brand, wants to accelerate initiatives in favor of the oceans. To do this, rely on the famous French skipper François Gabart who, together with the Kresk4Oceans fund, is participating in numerous educational initiatives to protect aquatic habitats. One of these is the Mediterranean Tour with five stops in the Mediterranean, one of which is in Genoa last May 25, to raise awareness of recycling. Waste at sea is, in fact, one of the most difficult problems to solve.

According to WWF, in fact, 8 million tons of plastic end up in the Oceans every year, endangering 700 marine species. For this reason, on the occasion of World Oceans Day, SVR has launched a limited edition of its best-selling product, the Wash Huile from the Topialyse line to cleanse face, body and hair. The one-liter bottle is now entirely made from recycled plastic collected at sea by the Waste Free Oceans association. And, along with its eco-refills, it saves 72% of plastic.

As every year, along with World Oceans Day, La Mer’s Blue Heart project also returns. The star ingredient of all the brand’s treatments, Miracle Broth, comes from the giant seaweed Kelp which, thanks to its ability to self-regenerate, turns into a powerful anti-aging active ingredient.

Mer responsibly cultivates more than 90% of the marine plants contained in its formulas. But that wouldn’t be possible without the La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund which supports several nonprofits. Among them is Greenwave that balances the model of regenerative ocean farming across North America by partnering with fishermen, indigenous groups, and coastal communities.

Cleanest beaches around the world

Of the 5 trillion individual fragments of plastic dispersed in the seas, most are smaller than 5mm. A burning fact if we think about how difficult it is to clean up water of microplastics and how harmful these are to fish and coral reefs. We must therefore act at the origin! As did Vichy and La Roche-Posay who, on World Ocean Day, decided to join One Ocean Foundation’s No Plastic in The Ocean project for the second year in a row. Objective: to collect 25 tons of waste in coastal areas of our planet.

The two brands will intervene mainly in developing countries by collaborating with local partners. This is where most of the plastic dispersed in the oceans comes from. Pollution is much more concentrated along the coasts of low- and middle-income nations because they often lack the necessary systems to prevent waste from coming straight into the waters.

Biotherm has also been committed to creating skincare solutions that respect the oceans for years and that’s why it announced the Live By Blue Beauty sustainability campaign. Objective: To arrive at formulas that contain 95% bio-based ingredients and 100% traceable bio-based active ingredients from sustainable sources by 2030.

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