Is having your nails done with gel coatings actually harmful to your health?

The fields of nail art and aesthetic nail care have blossomed recently, bringing with them a variety of methods for producing beautiful, long-lasting manicures on the fingertips that are truly works of art. One of the most popular procedures is the use of gel polish, which can be done in beauty salons or at home and creates beautiful nails in a flash. Gel polish is shinier and more durable than traditional nail varnish. The concern, though, is whether using “kilns” for drying may be damaging to your health.

The results of a suggested that the UV lights required for drying can possibly have negative effects. Experts provide advice, but it’s crucial to employ common sense and caution (as usual). US specialists claim that UVA is harmful to the skin because there is a chance that persistent exposure will cause the skin to acquire harmful malignancies like melanoma. The misconception is that UVB rays are less harmful than UVB rays. UVA Rays, on the other hand, cause mild skin aging and raise the risk of skin cancer. solvents frequently include dangerous chemicals, and the roughness of nail polish remover can weaken the nail and result in damage that can linger for months.


Do Gel Manicures cause cancer Part 1

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Even though gel manicures are a very popular practice and as a result have widespread effects, the study’s findings are unquestionably harmful and shouldn’t be ignored. It is sufficient to use common sense and take a few simple measures, say experts, rather than to be unduly anxious and avoid using this instrument to dry gel nail paint, whether in the salon or at home.

Applying sunscreen with an SPF of 50+ to your hands before beginning to apply nail polish, like you would before going outside in the sun, may be useful when using the “ovens,” for instance. After that, place your hands in the gel drying oven. The easiest approach to protect the hands is in this way, but another option is to cover them with a dark glove, leaving the nails exposed.

Dermatologists provide further helpful advice for healthier nails, such as the need to give them a break in between manicures and the use of gloves and sunscreen. It is good to give them at least one to two weeks without wearing nail paint. Using a moisturizing cream on your nails and cuticles frequently during this period can assist. Dermatologists claim that by doing this, the nails’ brittleness is diminished.


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