How was Seoul’s Gucci Cruise show?

Yesterday, Gucci conducted its first fashion show in Seoul, a special occasion honoring the conversation between many cultures via clothing. With a 100-year creative history that has evolved through designers and artisans from all over the world, each with their own vision and culture, Gucci’s Cruise 2024 collection aims to tell precisely this exchange between the heritage of the Italian brand and the influence of South Korean culture. The Gyeongbokgung Palace, a historic structure constructed by the Joseon Dynasty in the center of Seoul in the 14th century, hosted the performance in its stunning ceremonial courtyard. The interaction between eras and traditions was accompanied by a soundtrack by musician Jung Jae-il and featured numerous local and international stars, including Ryujin, Lee Jung Jae, Younghoon, Juyeon, and Elizabeth Olsen, among others, against the futuristic backdrop of the city’s skyscrapers. The collection looked at an idealistic, global urban wardrobe that was influenced by the diverse fashion present on Seoul’s streets and had an international resonance. CEO of the company, Marco Bizzarri, said:

Gucci’s journey in Korea began twenty-five years ago with the opening of our first boutique in Seoul and has grown over time, strengthening our relationship with local communities, supporting their talents and creating a link between cultures through the preservation of this country’s unique heritage. Florence and Seoul, Italy and Korea, so distant on the map but so close in the creation of beauty, in the sense of wonder. That is why we are honored to present our Gucci Cruise 2024 collection hereĀ».

The designs exhibited on the runway are reminiscent of Gucci’s 1990s fashion, but in more modern hues, representing shifts in how people dress throughout many generations. The transition from formal dress to a combination of athletic and formal features includes silk blouses, low heels, and bouclĆ© suits in addition to the sportswear that is so prevalent in everyday life in Seoul, such the diving suits used by windsurfers and jet-skiers on the Han River. Alternating with big skateboard-inspired designs are body-hugging shapes. Ram Han’s drawings are frequently used to embellish the hybridized and disassembled clothing in the collection, which also has removable sleeves that function as decorations and zippers that allow pants to expand. The motorcycle jacket stretches and turns into a cloak, while the bomber jacket transforms into an evening skirt. While silk bands with bows are influenced by traditional Korean costumes, other trapeze dresses have noticeable, architectural elements. The horsebit emblem is also used to designate a men’s bag when Gucci Horsebit Chains are bent, narrowed, or otherwise altered.

Gucci’s iconic minimalist bags are revived in luxurious leathers, iridescent finishes, and decorative designs with references to aquatic sports. A special mention should go to the mules that were inspired by diving boots and the cyber-goth boots that evoke the partying scene.


Seoul’s Gyeongbokgung Palace will host the grand unveiling of @gucci’s Cruise 2024. ā  Gucci examines Seoul’s street style and incorporates a variety of inspirations to portray a culture with a strong personality and a global perspective in honor of the 25th anniversary of the first South Korean boutique’s launch in 1998.A fashion presentation where the Gucci history and internet cultures are discussed, the long taffeta dress and vest made of scuba material, the bamboo-handled totes, and the surfboards and skateboards that allude to a culture that also involves sport. A program that ultimately teaches us that clothing is not made up of a single style but rather a variety of references, sometimes even the complete opposite. #koreanfashion #koreanstyle #korean #korea #fashion #kpop #ootd #koreangirl #ulzzang #koreanmakeup #kfashion #bts #koreanclothes #style #ulzzangfashion #kstyle #ulzzanggirl #like #koreanoutfit #fashionstyle #bajukorea #kdrama #ulzzangstyle #koreandrama #fashionkorea #blackpink #follow #koreanbeauty #koreanboy #koreastyle #curlycurlmedia #curlycurlfactory #curlycurlfashionsociety

ā™¬ Seoul – Tollan Kim

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