Bad Bunny is now available for matches on Raya.

Bad Bunny is now available for matches on Raya.

The cool kids were almost as crazy as the news media when Raya first came to Italy in 2018: Esquire called it “the dating app of the super-rich,” Vice from italy called it “the world’s most exclusive Tinder,” and the Post called it “the app that does not want us.” Even though the impression given by these headlines is unflattering to say the least, Raya’s success has continued unabatedly thanks to a certain air of mystery that has persisted for more than eight years since its creation. The dating app for the creative community was and is still cloaked in secrecy, just like its founders, when it was founded in 2015. A premium dating site like to Soho House where the options are rather limited and determined by an ambiguous algorithm Although Bad Bunny may not fit the selection at the door, fame, popularity, or attractiveness may not always merit a spot on Raya.

TikTok has been bombarded with photographs of the Puerto Rican musician’s’matchable’ profile on the app, despite the fact that members are expressly instructed not to divulge names and details precisely out of respect for privacy and to avoid awkward celebrity stalker scenarios. The musician Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio, also known by his stage as Bad Bunny, has an active profile on Raya, according to a user going by the name Annbells who posted a video on the Chinese platform explaining this: The biography states, “Benito, 28 years old, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, I work in the music industry.” Thus, the singer joins a large list of well-known people who have selected the app to develop their emotional lives, including – per rumors in the New York Times and Daily Mail – Cara Delevingne, Lewis Hamilton, John Mayer, and Demi Lovato.


so benito empieza el 2023 single y con un blunt 👀 hes also on raya and my friend already referred me to the app 💀😀👨🏾‍🦯#greenscreen

♬ Efecto – Bad Bunny

Similar to Raya, other apps like Beautiful People, Sparkology, Mensa Match, The League, and Luxy, which bills itself as “Tinder without the poor,” choose members based on criteria like beauty, money, or intelligence. But Raya is not founded on a single factor; having a good bank account, a creative career, or a well-groomed appearance is not sufficient. And perhaps for this reason it is the “first app to successfully establish an environment of closeness and trust without even exposing anything about itself,” as stated by the New York Times.


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