How Julia Fox’s home stunned the internet

There are shoe boxes heaped in the kitchen, clothes and toys thrown everywhere, various styles of furniture arranged side by side, and no designer items that signify coolness and elegance. The lavish and immaculate celebrity residences we are used to seeing on programs like MTV Cribs or in Architectural Digest are significantly different from Julia Fox’s home. “Okay, I would have never imagined doing this, but I do believe in complete transparency, so I’m going to give you all a tour of my flat.”The actress and model exclaims as she shows us around the interiors of her New York apartment while sporting an enormous white T-shirt and perfectly painted eyebrows. The first stop is the living room, the largest room, where she has organized a bed, dressers, a mirror, and numerous tiny objects, such as portraits of friends and relatives or two small plant pots named “basil” and “mint” in which nothing grows «because we don’t know what we’re doing;» whereas what was initially supposed to be her bedroom has become a playroom for her son Valentino. From here, we proceed into a lengthy hallway that is jam-packed with boxes, toys, overcoats, and a variety of other items. Another quick glance at the little bathroom with Valentino’s toys in the tub and cosmetics strewn carelessly on the shelf above the sink. Then Julia’s cellphone screen displays Valentino’s miniature kitchen, which is situated directly in front of the real kitchen. Here, the stove area coexists with a corner that is overstuffed with shoe boxes, which Fox claims is “very common for New Yorkers,” and with a table that is once more covered in various items, including a cotton candy maker. Her son’s room, which Julia also thinks is the prettiest, is the final one to be peeked into (and we would add the neatest). Julia is realistic and humorous throughout the home tour. She mentions “a small mouse problem” that wasn’t too serious, so “I kind of let them rock.” I like how they come out at night and clean up the crumbs my son leaves on the floor when we are sleeping. Therefore, I won’t be evicting the mice anytime soon. She declares, “I don’t appreciate ostentatious shows of riches,” as she ends the film. I feel horrible because of them. especially those with enormous homes. When there are so many homeless people around, it’s incredibly wasteful.

In Julia Fox’s apartment, there aren’t any conceptual and incredibly expensive works of art hanging on the walls, large hot tubs, make-up stations, bowls of fresh fruit, or trays of cupcakes displayed in a store window. Additionally, there’s no pantry filled with ten different kinds of pasta and no coffee station. There is nothing except lived existence, a ton of mess, and the sense that she and her son genuinely occupy this room. The “detachment” from the conventionally desired style that distinguishes the homes of people like Emma Chamberlain and Kendall Jenner, which is plainly more focused on aesthetics than functionality and virtually always the product of true professionals, has aroused debate and divided the internet. Many people were pleased with Fox’s decision for that very reason. Julia’s stated goal with her most recent video was to convey a sense of normalcy that would make the viewer feel like, “Maybe I’m not doing so bad,” lessening the sense of failure one occasionally feels when comparing one’s studio apartment to the magnificent mansions where stars live. Some people refer to it as a “relatable queen,” judging the area to be “appropriately messy” but not filthy. It’s just like us, according to one TikTok comment. I’m actually shocked that Julia Fox has a similar lifestyle to mine. It doesn’t feel right,» said a different person. Someone posted “Your a mother who definitely prioritizes your child & it is a gorgeous apartment” on TikTok. You are demonstrating that everyone has a different definition of success. I can’t help but laugh at the thought of Kanye West, a well-known admirer of minimalist architecture and design, entering Julia Fox’s flat for the first time, commented another set of commenters. If he removed all of Kim’s old clothing, I KNOW he intended to demolish the entire apartment. There is no shortage of critics who point out the mess, the rats, and the general state of Julia’s flat, despite the fact that it is a large residence by New York City standards, where the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $3,700. My accomplishment for January is knowing that my flat is cleaner than Julia Fox’s apartment, according to one of the nicest comments in this category. What do you think, guys?


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