Will Lady Gaga be a part of the Wednesday cast for season two?

Lady Gaga has recently gained notoriety for both her outstanding acting and singing abilities. Many fans anticipate seeing it in the second season of the Netflix television series Wednesday because of this and the rise in popularity of her song Bloody Mary.

The dance scene from Wednesday’s fourth episode of Bloody Mary’s Notes went viral on TikTok and became a craze that everyone wanted to partake in. In reality, millions of people have mimicked Wednesday’s signature dance, as portrayed by the young actress Jenna Ortega, and the craze has become so widespread that Lady Gaga herself reenacted the iconic move, sending fans into a frenzy. And the rising Netflix star confessed that she would love for Lady Gaga to participate in the second season of the show after the singer’s recreation of that classic dance went viral.

Will Lady Gaga be in Wednesday’s second season as well?

Lady Gaga is no stranger to playing roles in odd horror films; in fact, she played the vampire countess Elizabeth Johnson in American Horror Story: Hotel and the lead in the deadly thriller House of Gucci.

Jenna Ortega responded, “I’m sure Netflix would love it,” when asked if she thought Lady Gaga would appear in Wednesday’s second season. What possible part might Gaga have in the show? “If Lady Gaga were to be part of the series, she and I would be two monsters that understand each other,” Ortega said, adding that he imagined a bond between Gaga and Wednesday that was akin to Wednesday’s friendship with instructor Miss Thornhill.

But when asked about the show’s recently announced second season, Ortega just responded, “I haven’t seen anything and I don’t know anything. We’ll see, I believe they’ve just begun grouping the writers. But I’m impatient.“


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