Britney Spears was enlisted by Beyoncé to work with her

Everyone wants to work with Britney Spears nowadays, which will likely be due to the significant attention she has gained since being released from the conservatorship and the fact that she hasn’t created any new material for seven years (apart from being a wonderful icon) (Madonna had also thought of a tour as a couple). Beyoncé recently invited a coworker to star in one of her music videos, but it appears that the endeavor ultimately failed. Page Six attempted to get in touch with the teams of the two outstanding artists, but no one was willing to discuss why the endeavor failed.

“Beyoncé was about to make another sk of her own. The music superstar asked Britney Spears to appear in a new music video, but the collaboration ultimately failed, according to what several trusted sources exclusively assured us. It is unclear why the plan failed. The singers’ representatives did not respond to our requests for comment. Beyoncé and Spears, both 41-year-olds, have already worked together. In 2004, the duo sang the Queen’s hit “We Will Rock You” in a Pepsi commercial with their colleague Pink. Enrique Iglesias also appeared in the iconic Roman-themed advertisement.”

Although we cannot be certain, it is almost certain that the initiative was created by Britney, who made it obvious that she did not want to return to the stage or red carpets in the near future.

I can hear the call, “Britney,” Do you want to make a video with me? I’m Beyoncé. Britney? Are you Britney are you there?


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