Celebrities and Christmas

Even famous people are getting ready to enjoy Christmas. While some people are waiting for the customary December 8th, others have already decorated the tree and stuffed stockings, candles, lights, and Santa Claus into every nook and cranny of the house at the end of November. But one thing that all of them—from Chiara Ferragni to the Kardashian-Jenner family—share is a wonderful holiday spirit, which is frequently expressed through opulent décor that might resemble a true Winter Wonderland.

Stay tune to learn how Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Emma Roberts, and other celebrities celebrate at their villas.

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni was one of the first to inaugurate the Holiday Season 2022, to to the great delight of the house’s two youngest residents, Leone and Vittoria (who loves tossing the tree decorations on the ground). The entrance door is surrounded by a garland consisting of red balls of various sizes and pine branches, which immediately sets the festive mood. A almost 3-meter-tall fir tree in the living room is ornamented with bows, hearts, candy canes, nutcrackers, and balls of various sizes in green, red, and gold that can be controlled by an app. There are numerous packages wrapped in red paper piled up around the tree, and some little gifts are already set out for the members of Italy’s most well-known family.

Gigi Hadid

Who knows how or with whom Gigi Hadid will celebrate the holiday season, but when she was still dating Zayn Malik and had just recently became a mother, she gave fans a peek at the seasonal decorations at her mother Yolanda’s farm in Pennsylvania. A pink Game Boy, a cheeseburger, a cocktail glass, a skateboard, a miniature electric guitar, and, at the top, a star from Target’s Christmas “Wondershop” that was emblazoned with the words “Santa Stop Here” and illuminated by a multicolored LED projector were just a few of the balls and ornaments that represented the model, her sister Bella, and the rest of the family’s interests and passions. The living room was decorated for Christmas with couches that said “Merry Christmas,” logs, snow-covered pine cones, and a red mailbox where guests could write their wish lists for Santa.

Kylie Jenner

One of the first famous people to decorate their homes for the holidays is always Kylie Jenner. The youngest Kardashian-Jenner posted an Instagram photo of herself this week in front of the large tree covered in white lights next to her villa’s pit fire as a sneak peek of her 2020 decorations. What will the internal holiday atmosphere be like? Although we don’t know for sure yet, it will be challenging for the founder of Kylie Cosmetics to top last year’s winter wonderland. The centerpiece of that scene was a massive fir tree over 5 meters long that was decorated with white decorations of various sizes and fake snow. The other Christmas-themed items (many purchased at Target) were also displayed in the video tour taken by Kylie and Stormi: from candles to the advent calendar, from ceramic houses to Santa Claus statues, from snowballs to toy vehicles.

Kris Jenner

“The Queen of Christmas” is a title Kris Jenner loves to use to refer to herself. She throws incredible parties and transforms the home into an opulent take on the North Pole each year. She attained the pinnacle of holiday style in 2016, to the point where she was the subject of an Architectural Digest editorial with garlands, light-covered firs, stuffed reindeer, stockings dangling from the fireplace, and gingerbread men. The two focal points of the installation were the enormous tree covered in red, white, and peppermint balls, beneath which stood a ruby bear that was also quite large, and the table decorated with Scottish placemats, candles, snowman-themed plates, golden cutlery, and numerous red roses suspended from the chandelier.

Beckham Family

Victoria Beckham’s Christmas style is undoubtedly more “homemade” and enjoyable despite the label “Posh Spice.” The designer and her entire family spend their vacations at their country home in the Cotswolds, where they also work with Harper to produce homemade decorations in between watching movies, having drinks, and visiting Santa Claus. The doll portraying Victoria during her time with the Spice Girls, perched atop the fir tree at both the celebrity’s London store and residence, as well as the green and gold balls, are the truly quirky details.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kanye West is already final, but she still decorates according to her unique taste, which is focused on minimalism and design. She gained notoriety this year for decorating her enormous bathroom with eight maxi fir trees lighted by white lights before the entryway and living room. While two fawns and a snowy mega fir tree with golden LEDs rule the living room, North and his brothers are spread throughout the kitchen and are positioned in the strangest postures on the table, the chandelier, in front of the TV, etc. However, Kim indulged in the strangest activities during the wedding, to the point where her admirers made fun of her décor. Vertical sculptures by Australian artist Kathy Temin appeared in the Los Angeles mansion’s entryway in addition to the customary lights and white Christmas trees, giving the couple’s admirers the impression of tampons. Whoville, the hamlet from Dr. Seuss’s story How the Grinch Stole Christmas, was supposed to serve as the basis for the display, but something obviously went wrong.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon founded Draper James in 2013 and welcomed customers into her holiday-decorated house last year. The company is known for its “classic American design, steeped in Southern charm, feminine and lovely.” The decorations are already in place outside, with two large nutcrackers and a garland made of fir branches colored with a red bow that is hung on the entrance. Inside, the holiday spirit is still present: a tree covered with white lights, several colored balls, a green bow on top, and various gifts to open is located next to the fireplace, which is adorned with magnolia leaves and pine needles.

Emma Roberts

Much more than simply a few tiny lights or traditional balls are concealed by Emma Roberts’ Christmas tree. The actress’s design choices show her interests and a hint of feminist attitude. A hot chocolate cup filled with marsh mellows, bunnies, fairies, mice, jellyfish, a suffragette, Anna Wintour, and Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg can be seen as we peer through the branches.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is the winner of the Elf on the Shelf contest. The actress likes to put these fairy figures in all kinds of settings, from the kitchen to the makeup bag. With the publishing of the book co-written by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell a few years ago, this uniquely American custom was established. A Christmas custom is the “elf on the shelf.” From Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, Santa Claus and his dependable elves visit young children, according to the legend. The elves observe the family who adopted them during the day and may even perform pranks on them. Then, at night, when everyone is asleep, they awaken and journey to the North Pole to communicate with Santa Claus.

Millie Bobby Brown

One of the famous people who likes to get the tree ready in November is Millie Bobby Brown. She usually does it with her dog by her side, but this year she is joined by her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi as they celebrate and decorate. The two dress the branches of a tall, skinny fir tree with gold lights, red ribbons, green, gold, and red balls, including two special ones engraved with their names, in a video posted on Instagram. The award for the cutest young Christmas pair goes to them. the benefit Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You is playing in the background.


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