In Italy Gucci provides employment opportunities for abused women.

One of the companies that is most actively fighting for gender equality around the world is Gucci. Internally, it accomplishes this by guaranteeing complete gender representation and pay equity at all levels, with ongoing monitoring through ad hoc tools like the Gender Balance Sheet; externally, it accomplishes this through Chime for Change, Gucci’s international campaign that unites people in the world to fight against gender equality and expression, as well as through partnerships to promote an inclusive culture.When Roe v. Wade was overturned, do you recall how the company supported the right to an abortion by paying for any American worker’s travel expenses in order to get healthcare that was unavailable in their state? The Associazione pelle recuperata italiana (Aspri) and the Florentine anti-violence center Artemisia are partners in The Maison’s newest program, which offers women who have experienced violence specialized training in leather goods.

Elena Baragli, the president of Artemisia, emphasizes that work, which women victims of violence frequently lose because they have to hide or because their abuser is stalking them, is essential both economically and in terms of regaining their identity. The pilot project will begin with a course for five people held in Scandicci, the headquarters of Gucci’s parent company and leather goods factory.

As Antonella Centra, Gucci’s Executive Vice President General Counsel, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability, explains, the company’s most recent initiative to directly support women’s independence and empowerment seeks to unite social commitment and the circular economy initiative, Gucci-Up, for the recovery and inventive reuse of waste materials. But most importantly, it seeks to support women who have experienced violence “to support them in resuming a path of autonomy, restoring their sense of self esteem .”

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