The little additions in the realm of accessories are worthwhile investments.

Rebag, a luxury resale website that specializes in designer handbags, accessories, shoes, and other products, unveiled its third annual Clair Report, which not only helps us analyze current and emerging fashion trends but also identifies areas in which to place our money. Reading the information, we find that three significant Maisons are determining the fashion and want list: Hermès maintained an average of 103% of the retail value of its it-bags, while Chanel saw an increase in its average value retention of 87% as a result of price hikes in the primary market. The year 2022 also saw a considerable increase in the value of Prada, which continues to rank among the cult brands because to its timeless pieces and intriguing capsule collections, such the exclusive Cassius Hirst trainers. Daniel Lee’s departure didn’t have any impact on Bottega Veneta’s popularity, which increased 10% along with Fendi and Gucci thanks to the buzz surrounding the release of the House of Gucci movie, the partnership with Harry Styles, and the whimsical originality of the brand.

Little Leather Items

Accessories are frequently the entry point into the realm of luxury. Keychains, wallets, purses, and other little accessories are the most cost-effective way to carry a small piece of our favorite designer labels in our hands, giving a particular touch to our everyday outfits without blowing all of our savings. The cardholders who keep an average of 105% of their original retail value are the genuine winners in this category. The Chanel models (+126%), which with their double C and priceless chain remain a status symbol, the monogrammed canvas items marked Louis Vuitton, and those produced by the Maison Goyard workshops are among the most sought-after and valuable, making them ideal for a small investment. A wise choice for next purchases? Betting on a clutch bag, like the Louis Vuitton Kirigami or the Chanel Cambon, whose average conservation value is a respectable 113%, or on a little component, like the shoulder straps, which proves to be both a practical method to customize our bags and a wise investment. Once more, the average loyalty value for Louis Vuitton bags was 111%, followed in second place by Hermès (109%) and Goyard (74%).


If there is one universal truth about fashion, it is that none of us can ever have too many bags. In addition to being our ultimate wish and a status symbol that puts us near legendary figures like Jean Birkin and Grace Kelly, these accessories frequently turn out to be fantastic investments. The lone defect? the frequently exorbitant cost, sometimes coupled with a lengthy waiting list. If you want to indulge yourself, Rebag’s research has created a list of models to focus on right now from which we can see that shopping bags and shoulder bags are currently king of the category for their coolness and usefulness. Surprisingly, superstars like Oprah Winfrey, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Dua Lipa, and BeyoncĂ© are fans of the Telfar Shopping Tote because of its numerous possible variations and limited-edition releases. Its staggering 193% storage value on average. As Carrie Bradshaw reminds us, the Louis Vuitton Petite Accessoires (124%) and the Fendi Baguette (115%) continue to be timeless classics and Silvia Venturini Fendi’s most brilliant ideas. With its sleek and incredibly modern style, the Prada Re-Edition 2000 Hobo and the consistently exquisite Gucci Soho Chain Crossbody are among the it-bags predicted to hold their value the greatest (112%).


A diamond, for example, is frequently eternally in a piece of jewelry. especially when they are signed Cartier (the brand’s items typically retain 79% of their resale value). The Love line, which is fastened with actual screws, and Juste un Clou, which features a nail that wraps around the wearer’s wrist or finger, are two of the company’s most recognizable designs. They join the equally adored Trinity Collection, created by Louis Cartier and featuring three linked rings in rose, yellow, and white gold, both created by Aldo Cipullo in the late 1960s and early 1970s. They are a classic present that can evoke a subdued elegance that pays homage to the Old Money style. The timepieces, a magnificent Maison classic (the Cartier Tank is the newest fetish of Gen Z), and other vintage brands like Rolex, Hublot, and Breitling, which according to Rebag are the finest watch and jewelry producers of 2022, all exhibit the same aesthetic.

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