How will London Fashion Week change now that the Queen has died?

A sad day has occurred. In the presence of her family members who had hurriedly arrived for the event, Queen Elizabeth II passed away at Balmoral, at her Scottish home, at the age of 96. Twelve days of national mourning were declared, and the flags of the United Kingdom were flown at half-mast. This period of sorrow comes at a critical moment for the nation—right after the transition of the prime minister and, more significantly, just before what was to be one of the richest London Fashion Week seasons. But with the Queen’s passing, what will become of fashion week? This was clarified in a tweet sent out yesterday by Financial Times fashion editor Lauren Indvik.

According to what Indvik has revealed, the British Fashion Council has already agreed that although fashion week will be held but all parties, afterparties, and extension activities would be cancelled in honour of national sorrow. The situation does not end there; in fact, the fashion week schedule will need to be changed so that shows do not coincide with the queen’s funeral ceremonies. This is an absolutely necessary change, but it will undoubtedly present significant challenges for the rearranging of a complex architecture of appointments and dates. While it’s expected that some events will be canceled, the firms taking part in fashion week will devise different ways to pay honor to the Queen.

“London Fashion Week is a business-to-business event and an important time for designers to show their collections at a specific time in the fashion calendar, so we recognize the work being done at this time, “the British Fashion Council said in a statement released Thursday evening, shortly after the announcement of the Queen’s death. “Therefore, fashion shows and collection presentations can continue, but we ask designers to respect the mood of the nation and the period of mourning. “Burberry said on Thursday night that the Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show will not take place on September 17 “as a token of respect.” Additionally, Raf Simons has stated that he will postpone the fashion show in Honor of the legacy of Queen Elisabeth ll.

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