Will “Call Me By Your Name 2” be released?

Call Me By Your Name sequel rumors have been circulating for years, but they appear more likely now. Fans of the cult film are now hopeful that Luca Guadagnino would cast Timothée Chalamet once more in the part of Elio, the 17-year-old who falls in love with attractive Oliver during a 1983 summer spent in the northern Italian countryside and is eventually brokenhearted, leaving him in tears. In a recent interview at the Telluride Film Festival, the Sicilian director discussed the idea of a second act to the plot, which he would not refer to as a sequel because “a sequel is an American term,” but rather as a brand-new movie based on Elio instead: “It more closely resembles Elio’s memoirs, or the chronicles of this little boy maturing into a man. I would like to carry it out.”

Guadagnino has previously made references to Call me by your name 2. A few years ago, he conjectured that the novel would continue with a new chapter that would be set in 1989 Paris and continue the original ending with Elio sobbing in front of a fire place. After James Ivory, who won an Oscar for his adaptation of CMBYN, withdrew, he announced during the 2020 lockdown that he wanted to work on a film adaptation of Find me, another book written by André Aciman, the author of the book on which the masterpiece with Chalamet is based. He also claimed that he had already found the right screenwriter to work on the script. Despite the intriguing premise, the movie appeared to have come to an end. Guadagnino’s more urgent projects, such as Bones and All and the remake of Scarface, as well as the sex scandal involving Armie Hammer, who was ostensibly going to be at Timmy’s side in the supposed CMBYN sequel, all contributed to the film’s demise.

Guadagnino expressed confidence for the future of a new CMBYN and, more importantly, for the possibility of reuniting with Chalamet since that his goals appear to have changed once more (for the third time).It was made plain by the director that he has always kept in touch with the actor: “I didn’t abandon Timothée at the height of his blossoming career, and then four years later I rediscovered him. We stayed close. I was aware that there wasn’t much time left before we collaborated, but only on the correct project. Timothée made it a point to make me feel like I really belonged with this group of people, that nothing I could do would be terrible, and that if I had any form of insecurity I could talk to him and he could soothe me, according to him. He also said that the relationship between the two is wonderful. We had a safety net where there was no criticism.”

We hope that Call me by your name 2 will be the appropriate project to share with Timmy that Guadagnino talks about, following the cannibal love story of Bones and All, which had its Venice Film Festival premiere and will be released in theaters on November 23.

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