What are the popular injectable moisturizers on TikTok?

Will this become the newest skincare craze?

The hashtag #Profhilo is trending on TikTok and has received more than 12 million views, indicating that this will be one of the hottest new skincare trends in the upcoming months. Profhilo, also known as an injectable moisturizer, is a mixture of high- and low-molecular-weight pure hyaluronic acid that is injected without going through the dermis. This permits a gradual release into the epidermis and subsequently into deeper layers of the skin, restoring firmness, tone, and elasticity while boosting the production of elastin and collagen to levels that cannot be reached by using skincare products like creams and serums.

How does a remedy function? Five bioaesthetic point spots (BAPS) on either side of the face are injected with 100 percent pure hyanuronic acid after paralyzing cream was first used to prevent needle pain. The places where Profhilo was injected somewhat swell right away, similar to what happens after being stung by a mosquito or bee, but the swelling subsides within approximately 15 minutes, while it may take up to 14 hours for the areas around the chin and temples to go down. It is advised to get at least two treatments spaced apart by four weeks.


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Watching the TikTok videos and before-and-after photos suggests that the results seem to outweigh any potential needle phobia. After receiving treatment, skin appears firmer, younger, plumper, brighter, and more even almost instantly, with a small lifting and firming impact. the benefit Profhilo spreads throughout the skin to enhance the complexion and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin by enhancing its hydration levels, texture, and overall radiance. It is less invasive than Botox, and unlike hyaluronic acid-based fillers or other skin boosters, Profhilo doesn’t stay in one area to fill in creases or plump cheekbones or lips. By utilizing hyaluronic acid, which human bodies naturally metabolize, to encourage the formation of natural collagen and elastin (whose supplies often tend to decline as we age), the aim is to regenerate the skin from the inside out without affecting facial features. Another benefit of this therapy is that it may be used on any part of the body, not just the face. This makes it a particularly appealing and adaptable treatment option for people who have dry or aging skin on their necks, arms, hands, or knees.

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