The top four vintage clothing companies on the web

It was not a mystery that the market for vintage and used goods had exploded in the last three years. In fact, as we noted in a recent article, the second-hand fashion business developed significantly enough in 2022 to imply that pre-loved apparel could now be purchased using the same techniques as fast fashion.However, The Real Real’s report that gave us that information also contained other intriguing news, such as the statement that “vintage continues to be sought after, but the demand for collectible clothing from archives now surpasses every other category of vintage, an increase of 439% year-on-year.” Miniskirts, geometric bags, Mary Jane shoes, and other goods are sought after because of the catwalks in fashion capitals; however, there are four brands that are considerably more in demand than the others on the platform, and those are the ones they are.

Mary McFadden

Mary McFadden led a dream life, despite the fact that it is little known today. She was the heiress to a cotton empire in Tennessee, a Sorbonne graduate, a top socialite in 1960s New York, the head of Dior’s PR, and later a special project editor for Vogue under the legendary Diana Vreeland. McFadden started designing clothes for herself and was very particular about the fabrics and silhouettes she chose. He was so greatly influenced by the works of Mariano Fortuny and the Japanese technique known as Marii that he developed a pleating method for clothing in 1975 that used a form of polyester and satin known as charmeuse that was made in Australia, dyed in Japan, and pleated in the USA.This fabric was used to make clothing that were both wrinkle-resistant and adorned with hand-paintings, embroidery, and other handmade details. The fact that they didn’t deform made clothing popular among extremely wealthy Americans who frequently traveled abroad, and as the industry grew, a number of valuable licenses appeared. The garments were therefore timeless and resistant to the passing of fads due to their apparent simplicity, which is why they are still in high demand today. McFadden shut down his company in 2002, however it seems not due to poor business, but rather so he could focus on other endeavors.

Bob Mackie

Kim Kardashian’s wearing the outfit the designer had made for Marilyn Monroe at the 2022 Met Gala helped Mackie regain prominence this year. Not only has Mackie dressed Marilyn, but he has also clothed BeyoncĂ©, Marlene Dietrich, Diana Ross, Liza Minnelli, and RuPaul, to mention a few. Cher’s 1986 Oscar gown is another example.Because of his legendary status, Alessandro Michele was overwhelmed and even started crying when he first met him at the Met Gala. Hollywood and Broadway’s favorite tailor, Mackie, has defined the red carpet and celebrity aesthetics throughout the course of his 60+ year career using satin, feathers, and sequins. His archival works are currently on exhibit in museums and, according to The Real Real, even in some extremely fortunate collectors’ wardrobes.

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli was a great experimenter before the Y2K era, before discos, and before Leopard prints: he worked on garment dyeing, developing new techniques, invented new ways of coloring and working leather, applied leather patchwork to jeans for his first show at Palazzo Pitti, but above all, he attracted the attention of legendary figures like the brothers Hermès and Emilio Pucci.Franca Sozzani was similarly captivated by his first Milanese presentation, when an abundance of animalier designs, provocative clothing, and sumptuous fur exploded. Despite the brand’s significant branching and expansion during the 1990s, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that its mood become extreme and provocative, an explosion of hedonism and disorderliness that captured the essence of the time like nothing else. The brand’s popularity gradually declined, roughly sharing the same destiny as labels who had overly divided their output over many lines of diffusion. Fausto Puglisi took over as the brand’s creative director after it was acquired in 2019 by Vision Investments, a Dubai-based investment fund, and restored it to its former splendor.

Thierry Mugler

Mugler, who tragically passed away last year, had a long and successful career; even after leaving the fashion world in 2002, stylists for celebrities still hunt for his outfits like they’re looking for gold. He was regarded as one of the finest living designers. Just two of the most well-known instances of celebrities that donned the French designer’s works are Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian. Even now, after the Couture collections have been discontinued, the brand is gaining momentum on the French catwalks thanks to the artistic vision of American Casey Cadwallader, who recently produced a trilogy of fashion videos to showcase his creations and highlight the company.

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