Censorship of Maneskin at the MTV Music Awards

Perhaps a few jockstraps were the cause of the censorship

The MTV Video Music Awards were held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, on the evening between Sunday and Monday, including performances from musicians from all around the world. Technically, it’s about attending staged musical performances to honor the finest music videos of the year, yet fashion certainly plays a major role in shaping an artist’s image at such events. Maneskin’s performance, which began with the song Supermodel, was undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited ones.

Damiano’s appearance, as well as the rest of the glam rock band’s styling, frequently emphasized the creation of purposefully sensual and genderless looks: for the occasion, he wore a pair of Gucci black leather leggings with a jockstrap and was bare-chested. However, the apparent censorship of the performance produced by MTV cameras as they moved away from the stage for a considerable amount of time to cover, most likely, the vocalist’s buttocks, generated more of a stir than the appearance of the band’s frontman.Fans quickly became aware of what had transpired, igniting a discussion on whether or not a man should be allowed to be nude, and expressing their disappointment at an unjustified act of censorship. The male body, especially in its most obviously sexualized forms, still lends itself to forms of containment attributable to a community anchored to a precise aesthetic imagination, despite years of genderless collections aimed at the narration of a masculinity free from those stereotypes that have fueled cultural and social models from unknowing times. Is there a change in society attitudes against wearing jockstraps, or will this be the case forever?

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