What’s going on with Facebook right now

We made the error of following the personal Facebook accounts of hundreds of celebrities many years ago, when we were too immature to make wise decisions. Those likes were eventually forgotten by the passage of time, at least until this morning, when a Facebook bug caused them to jam user newsfeed all around the world.People writing greetings or posting heartfelt emojis on the feed of celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Tom Cruise, Adele, or Eminem are everywhere on everyone’s feed and everyone can see it as soon as the part of the Internet people with a sense of humor noticed the glitch (i.e., within a few minutes).

The fault should have occurred between 15:45 and 17:15 yesterday in the United States, thus it should have already been fixed or be in the process of being fixed, according to Downdetector. Even then, the algorithmic problem is still visible in Facebook feeds all around the world, despite some users’ claims on Twitter that the problem is actually a failed attempt to hack Meta’s servers rather than a complete breakdown. Others have hilariously noted that they are only now becoming aware of the absurd and pointless remarks that individuals (whether they are real or bots) put on the pages of the most arbitrary celebrities in their free time. Perhaps it’s time to detox from spam and unfollow the pages we “loved” in middle school. Meta hasn’t left any feedback yet.


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