5 up-and-coming supermodels to keep an eye on

Although Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters are among the top 10 highest-paid models in the world, there are plenty of other young models who are prepared to overtake them and are still making appearances in the most recent fashion shows. They are attractive, talented, and distinctive, and they want to breathe new life into the industry by advancing more inclusive and varied definitions of beauty while also emphasizing personality. According to the specialist rankings of models.com, many regard the modeling industry as a phase and aspire to be actors or make a living from their art, but in the meantime, they are competed by huge brands and high-end magazines.You have undoubtedly seen these young women on the catwalk or in a number of photo shoots, but it is now important to learn their names because they are destined to continue serving as the faces of fashion weeks, including the upcoming Milan Fashion Week, which will take place from September 20 to 26. Lily McMenamy, Tess McMillan, Tami Williams, Sophie Koella, and Unia Pakhomova are the models to watch. Let’s learn more about them.

Lily McMenamy

Lily McMenamy’s fashion career was predestined: her mother Kristen McMenamy is one of the most recognizable models of the 1990s; her father Hubert Boukobza was the king of Parisian nights; all the famous have passed through his club, Les Bains Douches, including David Bowie and Mick Jagger. Like numerous mother-daughter modeling teams, Lily and her parents are strikingly similar in appearance, but she also inherited her parents’ rebellious and outspoken nature. The twenty-eight-year-old was able to become one of the most adored faces by publications and stylists thanks to Kristen’s unconventional beauty and a certain theatricality in her posing.

Lily began her career in the fashion industry at the age of 18, when she joined the NEXT agency. Since then, she has appeared on the covers of I-D and Vogue multiple times, competing with labels like Marc Jacobs, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Saint Laurent, and Mugler for their campaigns and catwalks. You only need to look at the Instagram page to realize that young McMenamy’s life is about more than simply fashion. Acting and contemporary dance are two more interests of his. In A Bigger Splash, directed by Luca Guadagnino, Lily did play a little part.

Tess McMillan

Diaphanous skin, gentle contours, and hair the color of copper; a proud expression. Tess McMillan, who seems as like she could have been plucked from a Renaissance painting, is actually a Texas native. Her modeling career began when photographer Heather Hazzan stumbled across her home in the New York East Village a few years ago. Her ancient and ethereal beauty helped her attract over 50,000 fans, as well as the interest of companies like Gucci, Simone Rocha, Tommy Hilfiger, Oscar de la Renta, Rodarte, and Coach. She pushed herself into the new journey with excitement and joy.Her muses are Grace Jones and Brigitte Bardot. Like them, Tess wants to represent a unique and personality-filled type of beauty, leaving an indelible imprint in the fashion world, but not only. The 22-year-old, in fact, said in an interview “I love creating beautiful things, which make me proud and I want to continue to do it in the future. For the rest, I’m ready to see where the fashion industry takes me.” Will we see you soon on the big screen? She dreams of it, but, for now, we are sure she will play an important role in the next fashion weeks.

Tami Williams 

Her inspirations include Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Tyra Banks. Three fashion icons were discovered at an early age, similar to Tami Williams, who was spotted in her native Jamaica at the age of 11 and made her debut with her first significant ad campaign (for Calvin Klein) at the age of 17. Since then, season after season, she has walked the catwalks of the most prestigious labels, emerging as a constant in the cast of the fashion shows of Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Thom Browne, Zimmermann,… realizing a childhood goal of donning her mother’s shoes and roaming the house. She has had a lot of professional success thanks to hard work and practice. She has had a lot of professional success thanks to hard work and practice. The person whose attitude is “you have to lose before you win and when you fall, you have to get up right away and try again, without ever giving up,” on the other hand, cannot be expected to be anything less.

Sophie Koella

Sophie Koella is a model and travel photographer who was born in New Orleans, raised in California not far from Venice Beach, visited New York City briefly, and now resides in France, the country of her father. She is among the top models right now, but when she made her runway debut in 2017 for ChloĂ©, it caused some debate and started a mini-revolution. She had previously worked for a number of companies, including Victoria’s Secret, but castings for fashion weeks were turned down owing to her excessive breast size.Natacha Ramsay-Levi, ChloĂ©’s former creative director, then chose her to begin the French brand’s inaugural fashion show, customizing the models to fit her body. Even Vanessa Friedman wrote about it in the New York Times since it was so amazing: “Mrs. Ramsay-Levi chose to modify the garment to match the model’s measurements rather than change the women. Please wait until I ask again.” The numerous rejections have softened Sophie’s attitude, who advises younger coworkers that beauty is a matter of opinion; some people may think you attractive, while others may not. Every model must continually deal with this kind of criticism while attempting not to take it personally. For a model, having a decent appearance is essential, but it also requires persistence, charisma, self-confidence, and mental stability.

Unia Pakhomova

Although the majority of us are unaware of her name, everyone remembers the blonde model who wore a handbag-sized facsimile of her head at Gucci’s FW18 show. Unia Pakhomova, a 24-year-old native of Nizhny Novgorod (a city on the Volga River in Russia), has been one of the most sought-after models for advertisements and fashion shows for a number of seasons. Its unusual characteristics and varied attitude make it highly adaptable; it functions as a kind of blank slate on which stylists and photographers may create various looks, characters, and narratives, ranging from skater girl to Renaissance goddess to elegant lady. Unia has a strong enthusiasm for art in addition to fashion, and she frequently posts pictures of her paintings on Instagram.

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